Life Learnings In Mitch’s Albom: “Tuesdays With Morrie”

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

Many of the people thought that learning may stop when you finish your degree and get a job but it is not just about it. For others, learning is continuous and it does not stop when they finish studying for their degree. While for others the great learnings do not come from school but from the life experiences and that can be shown in the book written by Mitch Albom about his interactions with his professor and the life learnings he got from his professor.

This book is entitled, “Tuesdays with Morrie”. The author Mitch Albom created this book in the spring of 1979, when he was a student of Brandeis University. Because he wanted to spread the teachings and the life of his favorite professor Morrie. This story tells about an old man’s reflection in life. It shows how an old man is giving an advice based on his experiences so that Mitch Albom and may be the others can also apply it to himself and live his life with no regret. This story focuses on how a former professor, mentors his former student not just only teaching him knowledge, but also teaching how to live his life. The author of the book stated an explicit thesis because he explained every bit of the happenings of his life and he discussed it explicitly. He does have an axe to grind because he is sharing his opinion to the viewers explicitly. Morrie becomes a mentor who have touched his student’s life by giving knowledge of advice and being an inspiration to others.

Mitch quoted one of Morrie’s aphorism stating that “In order to live, we must learn how to die”. Morrie wanted Mitch to understand that we must not fear our Regrets, Death, Emotions, and most importantly, forgiveness. We must learn how to face, once we no longer fear death and accept that all of us will eventually die in our own time, we will learn to make every moment in our lives count, memorable, and no regrets at the end.

A quote from a poet named W. H. Auden “love one another or die” also explains that we must value our loved ones more than anything else in this world because all of the material things vanished while the people around us, especially our loved ones, will never leave us. It will never be late for everything, you must learn to appreciate the people and things that you have.

The author has given his readers a lot of lessons in life that may help to be a better person to live a better life. The book can be first seen to be about death, but it is about living. It can also be an eye opener to all that we do not have the time for everything so we must live better and significantly wherein we can also touch other’s lives. One must not be selfish, love and give, value everything. Someday, I wish to meet a person like Morrie-someone who see life positively and who can give life advices that may help me be a better person to live a better life.


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