Kamala Harris and Her Main Policies on Social Issues

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

On 21 January 2019, Kamala Harris officially announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. On December 3, 2019, he concluded his presidential campaign. Harris has focused his campaign on business issues, including a universal pre-university college, a debt-free college, tax cuts for middle and working families up to $ 500 a month and health insurance for all. Harris was first elected to the United States Senate. UU. In 2016 he was California Attorney General from 2011 to 2017 and San Francisco District Attorney from 2004 to 2011.


Harris was born in Auckland, California, in 1964. In 1986 he graduated from the political and economic faculty of Howard University and in 1989 – at the law faculty of Hastings College.

After completing his law degree, Harris entered the attorney’s office of Alameda County, where he was a lawyer for eight years. In 1998, Harris was hired as an executive prosecutor in the criminal career department of the San Francisco district attorney. He took over the Family and Children’s Affairs Department in 2000. In 2003, Harris was elected to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. She was re-elected in 2007.

In 2010, Harris defeated Los Angeles County prosecutor Steve Cooley (right) and won the attorney general’s election with 46 percent of the vote and 45 percent of Cooley’s votes. He won the re-election in 2014 against the lawyer Ronald Gold (R) with 56% of the votes. In 2016, Harris defeated MP Loretta Sanchez (D) and won the US Senate election, which was won by Barbara Boxer (D). He received 62% of the votes against 38% of Sanchez.

In 2009, Harris wrote the book Smart About Crime: A plan for a professional lawyer to make us safer, talking about possible changes in the criminal justice system. In 2018, he wrote The Truths We Record: American Travel, Memory and Superheroes Everywhere, an illustrated book.

Campaign Financing

The following table shows the fundraising campaign for the Democratic presidential campaign up until the third quarter of 2019. Show the contributions of individual donors, total revenue, expenses and cash for each presidential candidate in millions of dollars. The ‘Total income’ column contains individual contributions, self-financing and transfers from the GAC and political committees. The General Payments column includes operating expenses, transfers to other committees, payments, loan payments and other payments.

Satellite Charges

Satellite spending, commonly known as external spending, describes the political expenses that are not controlled by the candidates or their campaigns. These are all the political expenses of groups or individuals that are not directly related to the candidate. This includes expenses for party committees, the Super PAC, professional associations and 501 (c) (4) non-profit organizations.

Harris has participated in five democratic presidential debates. In his final debate on November 20, 2019, Harris talked about dismissal, Obama’s coalition, paid family leave, foreign policy and black voters. Harris said that Donald Trump was involved in criminal activities and that justice for all was the order of the day. Harris interviewed Tulsi Gabbard for criticizing the Democratic Party. Harris said the Democratic candidate should be able to rebuild Obama’s voter coalition. Harris said he supports six months of paid family holidays to reflect the reality of women’s lives, including childcare, care for the elderly and pay inequality. Harris called Trump the greatest threat to national security and criticized his foreign policy against climate change, Iran and Korea. Harris said black voters, particularly black women, were obvious. He said that the mortality rates of the black mother, armed violence and pay inequalities should be considered. Harris was the sixth most active participant in the discussion and spoke for 11.5 minutes.

Political Positions

The following political positions were collected from the official website of the campaign, from editorials, speeches and interviews.


The Kamala Harris campaign website states: ‘As president, Kamala will fight to undergo immigration reform, paving the way for citizenship for the 11 million people who live in our communities and contribute to our economy by fighting it, will restore it. immediately DACA will implement DAPA to protect DREAMers and their parents from deportation and will restore and expand the temporary protection status of hundreds of thousands of immigrants who could suffer wars or disasters if they were forced to return home ‘.

His website continues: ‘Kamala also believes that we should review our immigration policies and law enforcement practices: they are violent and uncontrollable. As president, he will close immigration detention centers and strengthen the control by the Kamala authorities to make the United States a place for immigrants seeking a better life, and President Trump’s Muslim ban on the first day and creation of the Kamala visa reserve family will immediately open the way. to this. President Trump’s catastrophic and brutal border strategy changes. Our southern border is not an option, so make sure those who have escaped persecution have complete freedom and the right opportunity to declare and pursue aggressively. foreign policy based on the stabilization of Zentralam in Erica, conditions forced families to flee and increased funding for child workers and care centers. Kamala will focus its border control resources on real threats to public security through technology investments and entry points to counter the flow of illicit drugs, weapons and traffic.


Kamala Harris’s campaign website states: ‘The American health system is too expensive and allows insurance companies to carry out the program. Kamala believes that medical care should be a right, not a privilege, for those who therefore have a Medicare plan for all that guarantees coverage for all Americans, reduces medical costs, allows you to choose between public and private Medicare plans and forces insurance companies comply with our rules. ‘

His website continues: ‘The Kamala plan for Medicare for all is based on the progress of Obamacare, it immediately improves the adoption of Medicare and moves the country to Medicare, where we are all located so that we can close insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The plan reduces costs, supports options for public or private Medicare plans and provides a smooth transition, and economic assistance also means reducing the cost of prescription drugs by hiring pharmaceutical companies and private insurance companies. For a lifetime. As attorney general, he has won an agreement worth over $ 320 million with insurance companies that have deceived older Californians and people with disabilities. As president, Kamala will continue the deal. ‘He will sue the producers of opiates who are benefiting from a health crisis that has allowed Medicare to negotiate cheaper prescription drugs prices and to hinder the revolving door between our government pharmaceutical companies. Kamala also believes that medical care will never be universal if we do not fight constant attacks on women’s health care, so Kamala, as attorney general, led a coalition of 16 states to the High Court asking for women to be given access to the cheap contraception law to protect health care, he, as a senator, fought President Trump’s efforts to repeal the law. As president, Kamala will appoint judges who know that Row is against it. Wade is the law of the country, this will be offered to raise children before trying to protect the Republicans, facilitate basic health care and eliminate racial differences in maternity protection, the Constitution protects reproductive rights and Kamala continues to fight until these rights are protected puppies and guaranteed in all states. ‘

Energy And Ecology

The Kamala Harris campaign website states: ‘My plan, a climate plan for people, is to put people first, justice for affected communities and responsibility to those in charge. My plan sets a bold goal for climate change The Paris agreement aims to achieve a clean economy by 2045 by investing $ 10 billion in public and private funds to reach the initial mobilization needed in 10 years to avoid the worst climate impacts of our measures in terms of transport, energy and infrastructure Water accelerates the proliferation of electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines and invests heavily in batteries that respect the environment Toe agriculture, advanced manufacturing and innovative technologies capable of shaping our future and without carbon-neutral road CO2, all new buses, heavy vehicles and parks will have no emissions. All new buildings will be climate neutral. We will protect 30% of our Andes and oceans. We will transform our public lands from fossil fuel production, which accounts for 24% of national emissions, into carbon sinks. And for these changes to lead to a clean economy, we will strengthen the American workforce and create millions of good jobs.


Kamala Harris against the policy of NAFTA and the Trump administration at the interest rate. In an interview with CNN, he said: ‘I would not vote for NAFTA and I think we can better protect American workers.’ At the California Democratic Party’s annual convention, Harris said the Trump administration’s tariffs were ‘commercial taxes’. He continued: ‘I like to call it Trump’s business tax. And its trade tax every month takes $ 1.4 billion from the pockets of the working class. ‘

The Economy

The campaign website Kamala Harris states: ‘In the United States, the cost of living is increasing, payment controls are not followed and the rules continue to apply to large companies and are 1% higher. When? The bankers who destroyed our economy receive bonuses, but it is unlikely that the workers who brought them to our country will recover: our economy does not work for workers. Kamala believes we must fight for working families to increase wages, lower the cost of living and fight sexism, racism and economic preferences in our economy, so that every American has a real chance ‘.

The Harris campaign website continues: ‘For this reason, Kamala, as president, will primarily increase the incomes of working-class and middle-class families. According to her plan, she will return President Trump’s billions of dollars in tax cuts for large corporations and 1% of the richest, and using this money to provide working families up to $ 6,000 tax breaks every year is not just the beginning, and Kamala will be difficult to stimulate the economy to increase wage unions, earning a minimum of $ 15 nationally and imposing stricter fines on companies that betray their employees, and while Kamala is fighting for fair wage tax, it will try to limit the rising costs that prevent Americans from sleeping at night. The income tax law provides tax breaks for people who spend a hundred or more of their rental income and utility bills. federal government minds about child care so that working families do not pay more than 7% of their child care income. And severe measures are taken against pharmaceutical companies that raise prices, allowing the government to negotiate prices for prescription drugs. As president, he will demand the same remuneration for women, promote strategies that create prosperity in color communities, and take decisive action against companies that exploit vulnerable Americans for profit. ‘


The campaign website Kamala Harris states: ‘The teachers’ salary gap is a national failure that requires a bold national response. Kamala will make the largest federal teachers’ salary investment in US history to completely solve the problem. ‘The difference in teacher salaries during the first semester. According to your plan, a teacher in a public school will increase by $ 13,500.’

His website continues: ‘Paying teachers the full value of their work is not just a good strategy for improving education: building an economy that works for people is important. Studies have shown that more is needed. attracted and retained excellent teachers who improve student performance, increase graduate performance and increase our children’s future earnings. When President Lyndon B. Johnson made a large investment in education in 1965, he said there was a country that ‘narrowed the gap between fainting and hope.’ Over the years, this gap remains, but Kamala is determined to continue to build this bridge as president. ‘

Arms Regulation

Campaign website Kamala Harris states: ‘If Congress does not send comprehensive weapons safety laws, including general controls, to Harris’s office during the first 100 days of his presidency, he will ban weapons and repeal immunity laws for manufacturers and distributors of corporate weapons: executive measures have been taken to guarantee the safety of our children and our communities ‘.

The website contains the following political suggestions: “Insist on an almost universal verification of biographical data, which requires all those who sell five or more weapons a year to check the biography of all arms sales. Revokes the licenses of arms manufacturers and dealers who violate the law and prosecute the most heinous criminals, regardless of whether they are protected by the Arms Trade Act (PLCAA). Invest in President Trump’s dangerous change in the definition of ‘Refugee in court’, which has allowed thousands of refugees to be arrested in anticipation of war guarantees. Close ‘Fugue of spouses’ to prevent the purchase of weapons by violent domestic spouses. conducting general checks on biographical data, updating offensive weapons and banning Harris, who supports the PLCAA, will fight to turn these weapons into a federal crime, ban high-volume magazines, ban and condemn federal hatred for arms purchases

Criminal Justice

Kamala Harris’ campaign website states: ‘As president, Kamala can use four key levers to change criminal law policies. He can: (1) work with Congress and use its leader to change the law and change federal-level policies, (2) a survey of state and local actors by the Department of Citizens’ Rights of the Ministry of Justice, (3) improve and promote behavior at the state and local level at the expense of federal funds and ( 4) ‘make your voice heard as president. Changes are underway. And as president, Kamala will use each of these levers to improve public security, reduce our vast criminal justice system and improve its justice and greater justice for all. ‘

The following guidelines are listed on its website: ‘(1) End mass deprivation of freedom and invest in community trials and programs that reduce crime and help create safe and healthy communities. (2) The main work of law enforcement should be to build trust and responsibility towards the communities it serves. (3) The system should treat people fairly and humanly. (4) The system must protect the vulnerable. ‘

Foreign Policy

Kamala Harris campaign website states: ‘Kamala believes this will require American leadership and a president who will remain true to our values at home and abroad. This means that the United States must fight with friends and allies. While in the White House, President Trump has undermined the associations and institutions we have built around the world for decades, and Kamala believes that the United States will be stronger if we invest in our critical relationships and alliances ever since: NATO relations with partners like Japan, India, Mexico and Korea, if the nuclear threat posed by North Korea and Iran, chaos and oppression in Venezuela or the fight against unfair trade practices in China are more effective in tackling the problem global obeys if we work in harmony with our partners.

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