Joseph Campbell’s Concept Of The Hero’s Journey In Dr.Strange

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

Joseph Campbell spent years finding out the myths and legends of cultures all over the world. When Joseph Campbell was studying, he discovered that the heroes in all his stories had very similar experiences. In the world of literature, many stories are connected with Joseph Campbell’s description of a hero’s journey. Campbell is thought to be the founding father of the hero’s journey model. In keeping with Joseph Campbell, a hero’s journey begins once a sole person leaves his home to visit an unknown place. The hero faces difficulties within the way that makes them powerful. They learn from their past mistakes and start a brand new chapter of their life. Which is how the seventeen stages of the hero’s journey starts.

Originally the hero’s journey has seventeen stages. The initial stage before transformation describes his normal life before he encounters difficulties. All through his adventure, Dr. Strange experiences a few hardships. In each phase of his adventure, Dr. Strange needs to acknowledge approaches to defeat bound difficulties. When Strange faces numerous difficulties, he in the long run encounters a shiny new resurrection of himself. A definitive phase of the story is basic in light of the fact that Dr. Strange will consistently convey the various life exercises, as he begins a new chapter of his life.

In the ordinary world Doctor Strange is revealed as an overly brilliant and egoistic neurosurgeon through this film. He cared only about the wealth from his career, making tons of money while spending it right away on cars, watches and other liabilities. Dr. Strange likewise makes others feel dumb for their mistakes and mortifies them before everybody. Strange only cares about himself at this point because his ego is extremely high. The reason being is because Dr. Strange is extremely satisfied with his life and his perfect track record.

The call to adventure is when Doctor Stephen Strange, the famous neurosurgeon, is on his way to a Neurological Society Dinner, and gets into a car crash which ruins his hands. This mishap upsets his typical life and his profession. Strange realizes that everything is going to change dramatically.

The refusal of the call happens when Dr. Strange finds The Ancient One who can support him and redirect him. Be that as it may, her treatment utilizes magic and Strange is incredibly disappointed on the grounds that he doesn’t have faith in any kind of magic or having any superpowers. He is exceptionally hesitant and has misgivings about her treatment, making him get kicked out of the Sanctum.

During times of uncertainty, the Ancient One tells Strange, due to his dread of disappointment and his presumption, it was shielding him from accomplishing enormity. It additionally was shielding him from learning the least difficult and most critical exercise of all time,’It’s not about you Strange. ‘ Meaning the world does not revolve around him.

The part where Dr. Strange crosses the threshold is the point at which he is prepared to acknowledge the demand to study and practice the Ancient One approach to start his experience into the obscure.

Dr. Strange begins testing his courage and abilities when he is preparing with his partner Mordo, not knowing about his up and coming fight with Kaecilius.

While attempting to learn The Ancient Ones techniques, Dr. Strange is thrown into an unexpected battle with Kaecilius where he has to prove that he is capable to fight him and live another day.

Dr. Strange encounters his unconditional love when the Ancient One is going to die. She discloses to Strange that she exists on the planet and how Strange ought to acknowledge that she is dying and that even Strange could not do anything about it.

The woman as temptress is Christine Palmer. The reason being is

While attempting to find out about The Ancient Ones different ways, Dr. Strange is tossed into a fight with Kaecilius where he needs to battle for his life, not knowing whether he will live or die.

Dr. Strange decides to join the battle and enters the Dark Dimension to fight Dormammu but ends up getting stuck in a time loop. Dr. Strange tricks Dormammu and traps him in the dimension. After Strange wins, he tells Dormammu to never come back to earth again, saving the Earth and everyone on it. Dr. Strange than becomes the new hero and knows he had to surrender his old life for his new life.

The ultimate boom happens when the last fight among Kaecilius and his Zealots is battled. The setting takes place at the Hong Kong Sanction. Strange reverses time and restores the Hong Kong Sanction. Strange also saved the world by making Dormammu beg for mercy because Strange had trapped Dormammu in an infinite time loop.

The rescue from without happens when Dr. Strange is talking with The Ancient One about how she has tried everything to live past her dying moment but could never succeed. This made Dr. Strange mature mentally after The Ancient One dies, because Strange realized that he must take her place now and save the world and to not only think about himself but the people around him also.

The Crossing of the Return Threshold happens when Dr. Strange was pushed once more into the normal world, turning back time itself to vanquish Dormammu and different dangers that have crushed the world itself. Dr. Strange than comes back to New York and becomes Sorcerer Supreme and the gatekeeper of the New York Sanctum.

After Dr. Strange had his battle with Dormammu he had mastered both worlds because of all the challenges and opponents, he faced in his past, it had prepared him to master both the worlds.

After gaining all of his knowledge of the unknown world Dr. Strange becomes the leader of the New York Sanctum.

Joseph Campbell defines a hero as a strong person who motivates readers; the character enables readers to look at the positive aspects of any situation. Joseph Campbell’s definition of a hero provides a better understanding of the path heroes take. This is a concept found in several movies like, ‘Dr. Strange’. With the movie Dr. Strange it goes through all of the hero’s journey in detail especially when Dr. Strange finally realized that not everything is about him.


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