John F Kennedy Profile of President

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John F. Kennedy Mini- Profile of President First Lady- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Nickname- Jack President- 1961- 1963 Political Party- Democrat Served- 1 term Chief executive January 20, 1961- Victory! This is the era of the youth. But, we still need the power of older generations to help us lead the way. Like my friend Dean Rusk as someone in my cabinet. Definitely, someone, I can trust! Commander-in-chief October, 1962- It is for sure a shame that people have started to lose humanity.

Thanks, McGeorge Bundy for bringing the high altitude pictures taken from U-2 planes flying over Cuba. Just want to set this straight that IF the Soviets ever introduced defensive weapons, The gravest issues would arise. Chief Diplomat October 7, 1963- Why would anyone not want to have a ban on limited nuclear tests? Well as the president I have decided for the betterment of America I am going to sign the limited nuclear test-ban treaty with the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom. This is a fight which I will conquer to keep America safe! Chief of State May 29, 1961- Who agrees the American flag should be everywhere including the moon? It is an honor of mine to announce the fact that my goal is to have a landing man on the moon before the joint session of Congress.

I will be very glad to see if our nation can make it to the moon with the flag. Go America! Chief Legislators October 31, 1963- Who gives someone the right to control over someones life? No one has this right. Today, I am so glad to announce that I am signing a bill that frees thousands of Americans with mental illnesses from life in institutions. Instead of having big institutions they will be provided with community-based care instead. This gives them a better chance to recover. I have full faith that people will want this to happen.

Chief of the Economy 1961- Passed a $451 million program in an effort to aid in alleviating the suffering in distressed areas hit by the unemployment where it is substantially a continuous not temporary and seasonal. As promised, will try very hard to have equal opportunities and create more job opportunities. Everyone should a way of income.

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