Japanese Situation In The USA During WWII In The Book Farewell To Manzanar

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

Many Japanese Americans were very badly mistreated in the past and still are. Houston and Takei’s experiences are different yet are very similar in many ways. They all had many fears due to racial hate, hostility, and eventually they all wanted to boycott against it no matter what situation they were in. Houston and Takei’s experiences are different yet similar in many ways. They all had many fears due to racial hate, hostility, and eventually they all wanted to boycott against at it no matter what situation they were in. Houston and Takei had many experiences throughout there time in the internment camps. Many people were forced to take the loyalty oath all around. Many had different reactions and feelings about the loyalty oath. No matter on how anybody answered the questionnaire, you were judged, especially if you were a Japanese American. Houston’s situation is similar to Takei’s because just due to the way they looked, they were treated harshly. Those events were a very hard time to go through for everybody who did.

In Manzanar many people viewed papa as a traitor right off the bat. Due to this, it effected how Houston had saw her father throughout her life. Houston had only known her father for being a drunk aka ‘papa.’ Papa seemed not to care anymore about how he was seen due to many reasons. Since everyone had been presented a loyalty oath questioner this had then caused many ripple effects that nobody wanted. If her were to say yes yes to the questioner this would have caused many people to believe he was picking sides and betraying the others. Yet, if he chooses no no, he will still be seen as a traitor.

Once Papa, Houston, and all of them were sent to Manzanar his behavior began to change rapidly. Mostly due to their mistreatment because if the way they looked. In the text it shows how he begins to feel depressed and sad. In order for him to feel better in his own way, he would drink, throw up, drink and throw up again constantly over and over again. He had done this to distract himself from all the pain and the embarrassment. Once they had there meeting at the mess hall papa didn’t want to say yes yes, or no no, because you were automatically expected to say yes yes no matter what. Many were scared and did not want to be judged or sent away due to their opinion. For example, anytime papa hears the national anthem, he cries or sings along. Many felt guilty or bad about the past, even though it was a long time ago.

Houston and Takei’s experiences are very sad and tragic, yet they eventually over time began to move on and let it go. Many Japanese Americans were very badly mistreated even if they weren’t the enemy. It was not fair at all. Nobody should be judged or treated differently due to their race, color, or the way they look. Many had not seen the bad in mistreating them, treating them as if they were wild animals. A Lot of people were affected by this event and still are being affected in the own way. None of it can simply be forgiven or forgotten because it was a very important event that went on.

Takei’s situation was a very different experience. During the time of the attack on pearl harbor many innocent Japanese Americans were sent to camps. All of them had their home taken and all of their possessions taken as well. Many of them were never seen again sadly. Takei was very stressed out and scared as a child which can relate to Houston’s situation as well. Many of the armed soldiers were harsh and very critical on all of the Japanese Americans. A majority of them were seen as traitors because they had all answered no no, even though they were not there enemies. In both situations Takei and Houston were very young, and they experienced many bad things. Many of the people from that incident still are alive and live to tell their experience. They both have helped many people back then and even now understand their side of it. Many of the people in world war 2 were very harsh and unfair.

Those historic event show how many things in life can be misunderstood. A Lot of there word choices show much of there meaning and how they experienced everything throw their own eyes. Overall many Japanese Americans were treated unfairly due to their race and the way they looked, which has overtime shown people how to be better and learn from the past.


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