“It Takes Two” a Book by Cynthia Enloe Essay

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Updated: May 30th, 2020

In the last few decades, prostitution has thrived in Asia. Its growth has been enhanced by the rapid growth in hospitality industries, increase in foreign firms, and the presence of foreign military bases in the region. Critics argue that without rest and recreation centers in Asia, the US military could not manage the tedious voyages in the region. Several literatures have been written to reveal the connection between the US military, Asian governments, and the thriving prostitution business in the region. In one of the literatures, It Takes Two by Cynthia Enloe, military prostitution and military masculinity have been analyzed with the aim of revealing how these acts were formed, sustained, and integrated into the military. Enloe asserts that the women who have been bold enough to disclose their stories have revealed that sexuality is a central part of military and civil cultures. This paper highlights several insights on military prostitutions and military masculinity analyzed in the article It Takes Two.

In the article, the author claims that military prostitutions have become rampant in countries allied to the US. In this regard, the author believes that the presence of the US military personnel in Asian countries have given rise to the lucrative rest and recreation centers. Through this article, we realize that the US military have developed and implemented strategies in the Asian countries to enable their male soldiers to be content in a foreign land. On the other hand, the article reveals that the local men are to be blamed for the increasing military prostitution. Local men have created conditions that make their women vulnerable to the greedy disco owners and lustful foreign military male members. The article discloses that increase in neglectful fathering and violent tempers of the local men have enhanced prostitution. Generally, Enloe reveals that several individuals are responsible for the thriving military prostitutions outside the military bases.

In the article, Enloe explains the construction and reconstruction of masculinity by the local military and the US military to maintain the high morale among their soldiers. The author asserts that tourists, foreign military, and businesspersons have internationalized their masculinity. At one incidence, the author reveals that the local Filipino military men have adopted the American militarized masculinity by wearing khaki suits, headbands, open shirts, and camouflaged sunglasses. Through this, the local Filipino prostitutes have been willing to perform with them sexual acts they would not have performed with ordinary Filipinos.

Through this article, Enloe reveals the impacts of military bases to local communities. Enloe reveals that has a result of the establishment of these military bases, several businesspersons took advantage of the presence of foreign military and established brothels around these brothels. Owing to this, military prostitution and cases of women abuses have sky rocketed. It is alleged that the US military male counterparts mistreated the Asian women and treated them like sex objects. Through these sexual acts, children were born out of wedlock. These children were not treated like other children in their communities. It is alleged that the children did not receive any support from the Asian and the American governments.

With regard to the film The Women Outside, this article summarizes most of the details covered in the movie. The film details the effects and history of US military on Korean women. Likewise, Enloe through the article covers on the related topic covered on the film while highlighting on economic and social effects of military prostitution and masculinity.

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