Issues Brought Up In Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

Ask any book lover whether they are in love with Jonathan Safran Foer, and they’ll most likely say, yes. Foer has turned into one of the most successful authors of all time. It is not without good reason that Foer has won multiple awards for his unique visual writing style. We have asked Foer about his interests, thoughts, and of course his new book ELLIC.

Extremely loud and incredibly close deals with nine-year-old Oskar Shell as he travels through New York City intending to unlock the secrets of a mysterious key and its connections to his father, who did not survive the collapse of the World trade center in 2001.

This brilliant new novel responds to the terrorist attacks on September eleventh and deals with the firebombs in Dresden by linking Oscar’s family members to these events.

When reading the book it can immediately be seen that it is everything but usual. By using actual photographs in the text, such as the doorknobs which clearly belong to the Oscars grandfather, Foer illustrates Oscar’s adventure. Blanc pages with only a few words are demonstrated to show how Oscar’s grandfather was forced to communicate when his illness started getting worse. And the actual letters sent by Oscar’s grandparents, when they lived in the time of war, give a clear view of what is going on.

Many of us are left in the dark when speaking of some of Foer’s choices and motives. Therefore Foer has given us the answers to a few of the most important and popular questions.

What lead you to introduce 9/11 in your new novel?

That’s a good question! Well, firstly, I found it important for people to be aware of what has happened on that horrible day and what the consequences have been for all the victims, let alone relatives. This day may never be forgotten. People should work together to make sure that something like this never happens again.

Secondly, I find that by going deeply into the effects the sudden death of Oscar’s father has had on him, the reader is taught that it is always necessary and incredibly simple to let our loved ones know that we love them before they suddenly die because of something so unnecessary as what happened on that day.

Why have you given Oscar the personality he has in the book?

Hmm, interesting, I seriously have thought about his personality for a long time. I wanted it to be a mix between the children whose restless and adventurous spirits get them into funny situations and the stereotype geek which is extremely curious, puts a lot of thought into everything, and shows tiny signs of autism.

Is there something you are trying to pass on to the reader by Oscar’s quest?

Funny, up until now no one has asked me that before. And honestly, I expected a lot of questions concerning the purpose of Oscar’s quest.

The quest, Oscar trying to find the lock that fits his key, actually symbolizes human life. Yes, I know, it seems floaty, but I am trying to show the readers of this book that it is not the finding of our answers that matters most in life. It is the path we choose and the thing and people we come across along the way.

Rumour has it, that a movie may be made about the novel…

Haha, I knew you would ask me this! I cannot go into great detail, but I have been approached by numerous publishers who are interested in a collaboration.

On one side I see it as a great opportunity to broaden my reach and popularity. Also, I am very curious how the movie would turn out. You see, when writing my books, it feels as if I can actually see what is happening, and I am interested in the perspectives of the publishers and the actors that will play the personages I have invented.

But on the other hand, I have become a writer to write stories and encourage people to start reading again. I am not big of a fan of all these new technologies that discourage young children to go outside and explore the world. And I am afraid that people would start watching the movie instead of reading the book.

Have you already developed any ideas which might encourage you to start writing a new book?

I take it that people are interested in my work. That’s a huge compliment! I have got one small idea but it needs a lot of work before it truly becomes a story.

For years I haven’t been eating meat. This all started when I realized what methods are used to provide supermarkets with shelves filled with it. I find it ridiculous that people are so selfish to be willing to do such horrible things to animals for a meal that is forgotten after only a few days. I wonder why we eat animals and I wonder if we would if we knew what precedes the delicious meal on our plates, I know I wouldn’t.


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