Issue of Racism in Literature Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

Passage 1

“ His twang jogged in the brittle air. From the side of the store, Bailey and I heard him say to Momma, “Annie, tell Willie he better lay low tonight. A crazy messed with a white lady today. Some of the boys’ll be coming over later.” even after the slow drag of years, I remember the sense of fear which filled my mouth with hot, dry air, and made my body light.”pg. 17-18

Racism was a constant problem faced in America in the year 1969 and years many before that.

The boys, better known as the KKK are an underground terrorist group that dress in white robes as they believe they are superior to African Americans. African American people in the south feared them especially the males. The KKK creates this fear by Bullying, threats of violence, setting fire to buildings, lynching and murder amongst blacks and those who try to help them.

The reason I choose this passage is to highlight one of the main problems highlighted in the book.

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There are many more times in the story where racism brings into play, but this one stood out to me the most. It showed an example of not only racist, but also how one person’s problems can affect a whole group of people. The action of one person possibly put a whole town of boys in danger of the KKK and there was no possible way of telling what could have if they would have gotten their hands the wrong person.

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Not all white people were racist and wanted to harm the people of color. After reading both this book and to kill a mockingbird feel that racism was a thing about control. Today in our modern world, even though it’s not as bad racism still exist and that is one reason why the topic speaks to me.

Passage 2

“ ‘Uncle Willie, why do they hate us so much?’

Uncle Willie muttered, ‘They don’t really hate us. They don’t know us. How can they hate us? They mostly scared.’pg. 197 Fear can affect the outcome of many things. It’s a known fact that when we fear things our natural sense is to keep us safe for whatever it is. I don’t believe that fear is why racism came into our world, but not only fear of danger. The fear of change may have an impact on the racism presented in the story. Not only are the African Americans different in appearance to them, they believed that they were different all together. Like a different species.

But that’s not the only reason I choose this quote. In the book it also brings up Japanese removal, which some people did not support. In this quote from page. 221 it says “The Japanese were not white folks. Their eyes, language and customs belied the white skin and proved to their dark successors that since they didn’t have to be feared, neither did they have to be considered. All this was decided unconsciously.” So why didn’t the white people fear the Japanese. They aren’t the same as their appearance may be similar but they aren’t like them. At all. So why don’t they have a group of people out to control the Japanese, the Spanish or even the Native Americans. It’s because fear is not the problem. The problem is that they can’t control the African Americans. I believe the presented in the book is powered by the want for control. Which is the main reason why I choose this quote to question even if fear was the cause of racism why only for the blacks.


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