Interesting And Depressing

August 10, 2020 by Essay Writer

Do you know Mark Twain? Well i’ve been getting to know him alot. Here is one of his quotes Kindness is the language that the blind can see and deaf can hear. I think it means that be kind to everyone.

Now i’m going to discuss his childhood,career,and death. Let’s go!
Mark had a normal childhood he moved when he was like 4 i wrote it down but yea he moved near Hannibal. He started thinking of writing books around that time. He grew up in hannibal up until 17 but more stuff happened before then. His dad died when he was 11 or 12 one or the other.He was a judge,shopkeep,and a lawyer very noble man but that was only a little while. That’s his childhood in a nutshell it’s not copied i just like that word.

His career was interesting and depressing like he has a depressing end im serious. Ok so at the start he had a very successful company but at the end it went bankrupt which is some of the depressing part but wait till the end. Next after it went bankrupt he had no money and he started to lose money but he made it threw and got married to olivia langdon clemens and had 4 children named susy,clara,jean,and langdon.

But i’m not done yet i’m just getting started with his career net was when he started writing books he wrote alot made lots of money but still he had a normal life till all but one of his children died his wife died to so there was depressing part. Next i’m going into his book writing he had a good career made lots of money but he got by.

Mark Twain impacted the world by helping authors get to write more and leave very educational quotes but that’s here nor there. He helped people be nice a hole lot more. Like his quote was awesomekindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.That’s really inspirational don’t you think.

He was an amazing writer. Mark twain had a peaceful death he died im london bye a heart attack. But he was still a good person minus that part where he was accused of being racist. Yeah he was really awesome and cool i bet he was funny to. R.I.P Mark Twain.

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