Inspiration from Literature Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

In literature the characters can inspire us in many ways. Throughout the essay, the short stories “The Ninny” by Anton Chekhov, “The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin, and “The Dinner Party” by Alona Gardner will all help to display an overall image of how just one character can inspire many people in so many ways. Whether it is through their actions, the things they say or the way they behave. Characters in literature can inspire many people through the way they live, whether it is emotionally, intellectually or even physically.

One way that characters can inspire us is in the short story “The Ninny” by Anton Chekhov.

The character Yulia Vassilyevna inspires us intellectually through the way Kate Chopin states “Yulia blushed and picked at the trimmings on her dress, but said not a word” (Chekhov 21). In the quote you can see that Yulia knows it is wrong that her boss is deducting so much money from her salary for things that she could not control.

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That is not all, but Yulia shows us that you can be just as intelligent as someone of higher authority. Those people who are put in higher authority are usually based off of how much money they have and since Yulia is not very wealthy, she does not rank in the same level of status.

Yulia knows it is wrong that her employer is withdrawing so much money off of her pay check but because she is intelligent and thinks before she speaks, she considered it to be better if she keeps quiet and takes what she gets.

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Yulia is just one perfect example of an outstanding character in literature that can inspire us to use our intelligence wisely and to think before we speak. Character’s in literature can also inspires us emotionally, like in the short story “The Dinner Party” by Alona Gardner. (Laura 2)

In the short story, “The Dinner Party” a large dinner party is taking place where a spirited discussion between a young girl and colonial about self control levels keep, when the hostess Mrs. Wynnes discovers there is a cobra in the dining hall. She sent for a bowl of milk from one of the servants. The quote “Because it was crawling across my foot” (Gardner 2) shows that Mrs. Wynnes has full control over her emotions which really puts an ironic ending on this debate. She does not overreact and she recovers herself properly in this situation which was dealt with perfectly.

The irony here in the conversation between the girl and the Colonel states that women are still not under full control of their emotions but, what they do not realize is that they are both equal in their self control. Mrs. Wynnes is a perfect example for a woman or a man to take control over their emotions and to keep themselves calm in any situation. In doing so, you will automatically see the respect you will gain over this small change in your life. Now, we have already discovered a great example of intellectual and emotional inspiration from two characters in literature, but we have not addressed our last on physical inspiration.

Characters in literature may be good at inspiring you emotionally and intellectually but they can also inspire you physically. In the short story “The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin “Mrs. Mallard was afflicted by heart trouble” (Chopin 1) suggests that this character was afflicted with both physical and emotional problems that are both found within the body and also found within her relationship to Brently. When Louise finds out her husband has passed away she goes to her room with a joy in her heart that she has never had before and she feels free and live. Her heart begins to beat stronger and faster.

Within one hour of hearing of Brently’s death she is rejoicing in her new independence that she has gained. An ironic ending occurs when her (Laura 3) husband walks through the front door and Louise dies from her heart trouble returning from her loss in her independence. In conclusion, characters in literature can inspire many people through the way they live, whether it is emotionally like Yulia Vassilyevna and her owner pushing her around, intellectually like Yulia Vassilyevna and her owner belittling her or even physically like Louise Mallard and her freedom being taken from her causing her to result in death due to her heart problems.


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