Ideas And Messages In The Book Who Moved My Cheese

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

Although i have read so many books but i think this book is one of the best life changing and transforming books i have read. Who Moved My Cheese has really given me insight in some of the things that i have already done that i never knew that what i was going through was a direct implication of those things and the various changes that refused to go through. The success of these books lies in the mix between their simple recipe and deep-rooted messages. They choose mythical figures and simple themes to deliver secrets about living life to its fullest. Quirky as it sounds, we humans more readily and much less defensively embrace messages from these imaginary characters experiencing human trials and emotional traumas than their more real life counterparts.

Sometimes, i think the best method to get new cheese is to walk in the simplicity of mind; thus using the normal trial and error method which may seem foolish to many people just like Hem and Haw. And that there is no easy way to get your new cheese . you must train your mind to go through any crooked ways in life for you to get your new cheese at the end of your labour. Although you can lost along the way just like Sniff and Scurry in trying to find your cheese but never allow those things prevent you from searching for new cheese; because getting lost and traying to find a new way out there teaches you a great lesson of life that will empower you to overcome the troubles of tomorrow and it will also save many unnecessary sufferings for many decades. The simple mind set possessed by Sniff and Scurry made them wiser than Hem and Haw in that they knew how to adapt to changes in life easily could smell or detect the dangers ahead and made preparations towards it (thus they had an alternative plans). And this reminds me of what my spiritual father told me about some facts of life and how to achieve a long lasting success. He said , you can never grow in life withhout wounds (and that in the story is the time that sniff and scurry getting lost in the cause of searching for cheese). And the other one goes like , what you need to reign in life is not money but ideas and that you need to get an alternative plan in whatever thing that you want to do; for you are the only person whose plan fail, and the first person who show us that our plans can fail in life and that we need an alternative plans is God. When God was creating man he already had dn alternative plans been laid down so when the first plan fail (when man fall from the grace ) he did not time trying to find out what to do next but ;moved straigth to the alternative plan; thus was bringing Jesus, the lamb of God that was slain even before the foundation of the world. And i could see this in the life of Sniff and Scurry who did not waste their precious time thinking about what to do next when they found out that there was no cheese at cheese station C . They quickly moved to other places to search for new cheese . And beacuse they were prepared they were not suprise when they woke up one day and find out that cheese station C was cheeseless, whilist Hem and Haw were wasting their time at cheeseless station C Sniff and Scurry were busy enjoying cheese at cheese station N where later on the relentless Haw also getting victory over the fear of change pressed on untill he finally achieved his goals of getting new cheese .Sniff and Scurry teaches us that is is better for us to learn new things without fear since the world is undergoing a gradual transformation or changes , many people who have succeed and are afraid of change will be shock that those ideas that brought them into business if not improve upon will not be useful anymore since everyday people are coming out with new ideas which will make the best idea today irrelevant tomorrow . so there is a great need for us to adapt to changes and improve upon our skills and plans so that it can fit to the current system of world.

This profound quote that was made by the relentless Haw obviously explain to why i nearly lost my life when i got Born Agian. When you change what you believe you change what you do! I remember when i became born again , the Holy Spirit kept warning me to stay away from a certain friend of my whom i love so much beacuse we have been friends since primary school,annd here comes the case that i got born again and i tried bringing him to christ but he was not willing to change . he was invoved in many og the worldly activities like gambling, betting, womanizing, drinking etc. and was normally with him whenever i am in townand they will be playing their circular music,talking about their girlfriends and sex and many others even to extend that he even tried to dash me a girl but since i was not doing what they were doing i kept on moving with them and the lord will not relent ,he kept warning me untill the day that i stood at the the frontier life and death;and as at time that i was my prayer life died at once as i supposed but this book makes me strongly believe that it did not die in just one daybut my problem was that i was not smelling the cheese always so when it was getting old i could not detect it just like Hem and Haw who wake up one day and find out that their cheese station was surprisingly cheeseless .The book could have been improved by first answering the question ‘what is my cheese?’ I would have liked insights into why certain things are more important to me. Without knowing the answer to this question, it is tough to anticipate the changes that are going to have a more drastic effect. Perhaps ‘What is my cheese’ will be the next in a series of cheese stories from Johnson. I hope so. All this being said, Who Moved My Cheese? is destined to be a classic. Buy it to use in your business, your classes, and most importantly for your own self-development.


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