Hunger Games Essay

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

In the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins the characters are put to the ultimate test to survive or end up dead. In dangerous and life threatening wilderness situations, one needs hunting skills, physical strength and mental strength in order to overcome the odds.

One needs hunting skills to overcome the odds in a dangerous or life threatening wilderness situation. Peeta mentions Katniss’s hunting skills “She’s excellent, my father always comments on how the arrow never pierces the body, she this everyone in the eye”.

This quote shows that if Katniss is ever starving she can rely on her skills to guarantee her a kill. Katniss also killed a deer with her bow, so she could provide food for her family so they did not starve and die. If you did not have good skills with a bow you would not be able to take down a deer, and if you relied on that for food you would probably starve.

Also when Katniss finds the careers supplies she shoots the bag of apples so they fall and trigger the mines. By shooting the bag of apples it shows how accurate Katniss is with a bow, you also need this accuracy for hunting and killing in the games, and real life to guarantee a kill.

Along with hunting skills one will need physical strength to overcome the odds in a life threatening wilderness situation. Katniss: “I’m fast though, and by the time they’ve reached the base of my trunk I’m twenty feet up”. If you were out in the wilderness and you had to climb a tree you would need physical strength like Katniss had. Another example of physical strength, Katniss: “I can see the muscles ripple in Cato’s arms as he sharply jerks the boys head to the side”. When Cato kills the boy it shows that you will need physical strength if you ever had to engage in hand to hand combat.

Along with hunting skills and physical strength you also need to have mental strength. Katniss: “the Tracker Jackers begin to buzz and I can hear them coming out, back and forth, back and forth, the branch with the nest crashes down through the lower branches”. Sometimes you will just have to push through things, even if they hurt and in the end it will pay off, you just have to want it bad enough. Another example of mental strength is when Katniss is forced to pretend to love Peeta.

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