Humorous and Interesting Fantasies In ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

The secret life of Walter Mitty, composed by James Thurber, fixates on the humorous and interesting fantasies of Walter Mitty a customary man, who lives in Waterbury, Connecticut, with his oppressive, pestering spouse Mrs. Mitty. All through this short story, Mitty is described just like a lamentable, timid man, who fantasies to manage circumstances, and clashes that emerge in his existence with his better half and others he experiences regularly.

The genre of this short story is a comedy as there is a series of hilarious statements all through the entire story. The parody lies in the characters that Mitty creates in his fantasies. These characters are talented, phenomenal, and heroic. They are so beyond the best that the creator is by all accounts ridiculing these sorts of individuals. The story is amusing or entertaining when you feel that Mitty, in his regular day to day existence can’t recall what his significant other said to purchase at the store and rather fantasizes about being these exaggerated superheroes. This humorous occasion makes him look like a fool. To add, the creator, James Thurber, utilized a bunch of sound effects in  Mitty’ s overstated situations, for example, ta-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketapocketa, which refers to a machine in the working room in a plane. . Linking the daydreams or fantasies together with this sound effect acts as a parody in that it mocks the different characters that Mitty constructs through the continued use of this sound.

The secret life of Walter Mitty holds various causes and effects during the course of the story. For instance, it’s clear that Mitty’s demanding wife and overall disappointing life are the causes of his daydreams. Each daydream is caused by something his wife did or said. Therefore, in order to discharge the tension and the anger and the sadness inside him, he daydreams. Another cause for him wandering off into fantasy is his feelings of not measuring up to standards and his feelings of uncertainty about himself, and so he feels left out and as a result he again daydreams.In this extract of Walter Mitty’s life, we can see into his mind and find the many conflicts that disturb him. The theme, despite the fact that it might appear to be covered up, is of Walter Mitty’s mission to be responsible for something, perhaps his life. By fantasizing about circumstances in which he feels in control, he can escape from being pushed around by the general population in his town, the parking attendant, and particularly his wife. Through the development of the plot and the use of symbolism, we can see Mitty’s conflicts and feelings of inferiority on an everyday basis. Along these lines, these occasions help him to be upbeat due to the daydreams in which acts as a sort of treatment or therapy that encourages him to feel deserving and worthy of himself since he clearly lacks self-worth.

All in all, the secret life of Walter Mitty embraces countless morals that could be applicable to everyone’s life. One main message that speaks to the readers of this short story is to be more creative and imaginative instead of being timid and fearful in life. Being able to do things as a replacement for wishing to be able to do things is the concept this story is addressing. 


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