Huckleberry Finn vs John Grady Cole: Similarities and Differences

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

The characters of Huckleberry Finn and John Brady Cole had many similarities and many differences throughout the book. The two characters’ motivations for leaving home were very different but had some similarities. Huckleberry Finn and John Brady Coles family situation was similar but there were also differences between them. Another difference between the two main characters is the level of trouble they got into when they ran away.

Both Huckleberry Finn and John Brady Cole ran away from their homes in the night. John Brady Coles motivation for leaving was that he didn’t see any future for himself in Texas since his parents divorced and were planning on selling the family ranch. He ran away to Mexico to be a cowboy because he couldn’t stop his parents from selling the ranch even though he offered to take it over. Huckleberry Finns motivation for running from home was because of his father and the woman taking care of him. The woman he was living with was very strict. She made him go to school and pray. He didn’t understand that he couldn’t for and get whatever he wanted. He felt like the woman was trying to civilize him, which pushed him to leave. Huckleberry Finn’s father also motivated him to leave because his father was very abusive and was an alcoholic. While John Grady Coles motivation was his the ranch closing down, Huckleberry Finns was his terrible family life. The similarity between the two main characters’ motivation for leaving home is that they both had family problems such as their fathers having addictions. This motivated them to leave because they felt like they didn’t have a close relationship with their fathers.

Huckleberry Finn and John Grady Cole had very similar family situations. Huckleberry Finn’s father had an addiction to alcohol. He was drunk all the time and beat Huckleberry Finn. John Grady Cole’s father also had an addiction. He had an addiction to gambling so he wasn’t home very often which led to a detached relationship between John and his father. Both of these characters had bad relationships with their fathers. The difference between the family life of Huckleberry Finn and John Grady Cole was their mothers. Huckleberry Finn didn’t have a mother and lived with a widow who tried to be a parent to him. John Grady Cole lived with his real mom and had a close relationship with her in the beginning of the book. For the most part, Huckleberry Finn and John Grady Coles family lives were very similar.

There was also a difference between the kind of trouble that Huckleberry Finn and John Grady Cole got in. Huckleberry got into a lot of trouble that he could easily talk his way out of. He never actually did anything to get him into too much trouble, he was mostly just caught up in all the lies he told. John Grady Cole on the other hand got into some major trouble. He was in a foreign country where he wasn’t always welcome. When he got thrown in jail without anyone to get him out. He was tortured and nearly killed until a woman he hardly knew helped him out. Overall, John Grady Cole got in more serious trouble during his time away from home than Huckleberry Finn did.

Overall, Huckleberry Finn and John Grady Cole had many similarities and differences throughout the two books. The similarities being their fathers and their overall family life. The differences were the seriousness of the trouble the two characters got in, their motivations for leaving home, and their mothers.


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