How to Manage Your Life and Reach Your Goals

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

Has it happened that you read a book in one session despite the first impression you have had of it? I usually judge books by their title or covers, and I only read them if I like the color of the books. However, this time I was wrong, and in a few hours despite many urgent works that I had to do. I read a book that I did not like when I saw it for the first time. “The last lecture” was assigned as the reading book for our English class, and unconsciously hated its title, and I was even trying to find ways to avoid reading it. After struggling for a few days and even thinking of how to avoid reading it. when I opened the book and read a few pages, the book became an interesting book.

In “The Last Lecture, ” Randy Pausch tells the story of his life, and also he explains how he achieves all his childhood dream goals. Therefore, he gave this talk or last lecture at the University of Carnegie Mellon where he used to be a computer science professor. At that time (Sep 19, 2007), Randy is dying of pancreatic cancer, and that is why this book is named “The Last Lecture. ” Randy gives this lecture to leave some legacy behind for his three children, but it grabs the attention of any teacher who reads this book. However, “The Last Lecture” is a great book that tells the childhood dream of a professor, has some good lessons. It also shows how great it feels when you enable others to achieve their childhood dreams.

The book “The Last Lecture” has some great childhood story of a professor, which helps or encourages any readers on how to achieve their childhood dream goal. In fact, all successes are accompanying its failure, but fails will never disappoint a successful person to achieve his or her goals. Instead, it gives them extra strengths to reach their goal, and that is what exactly happened to Randy and he never gives up. As a result after some kickback. It is not just a sweet storyteller book, but at the same time, it has also some great lessons to learn. For example, the term that he repeatedly uses in this book, “The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how bad we want something”. It tells us to never ask something for anything, so you should always work hard to get it. Therefore it is a very true statement that he states in this book, and also most of his words are touches most people’s heart. For example, I have 25 years old friend named Rahima, she was happily married to the love of her life, her high school sweetheart. They had two children together named Nikki, 3 years old and John, two years old. Three years ago on March the 22nd, she lost her husband due to a horrible car accident close to her house. Because I wanted to help my best friends, I stayed with her for two weeks. I missed two weeks of school, so I got behind studies. I was placed in two directions (should I drop my classes or should I continue them)? Then there came a term in my mind “never give up”, which is another lesson that I learned from this book. Therefore, I learned that I should keep it on and decide to continue and accomplish these courses that I am enrolled in. So, this term gives every reader a power to never give up and keep trying it.

In addition, there is another quote in this book which really gives a special value to time and that improves the author’s knowledge, “Time is all you have, and you may find one day that you have less than you think”. In fact, time is a valuable gift that God gives us all, and then as a human, we should value our time. We should also know how to manage our time and spend it on doing things that we can learn something out of it. As prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says in his hadith that, “There are five things that we should value them before other five thing arrives: life before death, health before illness, having time before not having it, youth before getting old and wealth before becoming poor”. These types of quotes that he used in his book give a special value to the book. Next, it shows how great it feels when you enable others to achieve their childhood dream. In fact, it feels great, and at the same time, it is very enjoyable. For instance, Randy tells the story of one of his students (Tommy), whom he helped him to reach his childhood dream. Tommy was one of Randy’s research team member at Disney world, and his childhood dream was to work on next star wars movie. ”I want to work on the next star wars film. When Randy found Tommy with such a dream, he let him join his research team at Disney world. As a result, Tommy achieved his dream job as a lead technical director on star war episode 11. Thereafter when Randy saw Tommy on his dream job position, that made Randy happy, and he also was proud of himself. Therefore, it is so clear that this section or chapter of the book gives a feeling of its readers on how great it feels when you enable others to reach their dream goals. It encourages air readers to help each other, and then enjoy the moments when you see who you helped that they are helping others. There is a quote saying, help others and let it go, and there comes a day that some will help you back.

In conclusion, to compare this book with any other books that they were published in the same year, “The last lecture” is very unique and carries its own value. It also describes the living situation of the author on how he reached his childhood dreams, how he left some lessons or legacy behind and how enjoyable it is to enable others to achieve their childhood dream as well. As a result, this is a great recommended book for anyone who wants to learn some life lessons.

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