How The Canterbury Tales Has Influenced My Life

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Five C’s Two

With the gothic ideology on the rise and moving across Europe the Catholic church was influencing every aspect of human life. Pilgrims were crossing countries in order to arrive in the holy land and mankind believed in the actions giving them salvation. However, there was a man named Geoffrey Chaucer who wrote a satirical masterpiece called The Canterbury Tales. Within these tales Chaucer documented the views of an imaginary set of pilgrims where the reader could relate the irony of their views. The tales themselves are an ironic exaggeration of the classes one would see on their travels during a pilgrimage and tend to make a mockery of and pick out each detail in such a way that one sees the full view of that time era.

A connection I see with The Canterbury Tales is Chaucer’s intent of writing and Martin Luther’s essays for standing up to the church. Chaucer was a talented poet of the time but yet he spent much of his life developing the tales up until his death in order to create a comedy of man whereas Martin Luther was a talented scholar of his time but rather than stand for the church he spent much of his time standing against the church in order for new ideas to be brought forth. These men defended their ideas not only by continuing to write, but also never changing their ideas until the day they had died. This shared thought process gives insight to the progress of world views in moving with the times.

Chaucer’s writing of the tales is still relatable in the modern era of the 21st century due to the satirical comments throughout the writing. It gave a different perspective on the class system and his one character known as The Wife of Bath whose voice spoke out against the chastity of the church. The voices of each character were written in such a way that it felt as if it was spoken to the reader. The style began the evolving of human comedies and satire of groups of people and the class system of a whole.

The Canterbury Tales has made an impact on my life over the course of the past ten months in the form of seeing the changing views of the world. My high school English class contained a section dedicated to the tales and upon reading as a class I was introduced to free verse poems with interchanging rhyme schemes with the basis of sentences rather than stanzas. Chaucer’s writing style is unique and tends to be difficult to read. This gave me the understanding that simplicity does not always proves successful but rather as long as the idea is fluid and can last the test of time gives it true success.

The Canterbury Tales gave me the view of a gothic world where there was man who lived with the ideas that wished to change the church. Their ideas were seen as radical at the time but yet they continued to write and give the world the ideas that they had. The sharing of their ideas which lasted the test of time showed the truth that they had spoken so long ago. No matter who the thoughts belong to, as long as I can agree with them, they stand a high regard in my life.

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