How Terrorists Attacked the Pentagon and the World Trade Center

June 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

The terrorist attacks on both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon knocked unsuspecting citizens off their feet and onto their well used backsides. This recent tragedy ties in with the story Pricilla and the Wimps by Richard Peck. Pricilla and the Wimps may be a lighter hearted and comical story, but it is similar none the less.

Though we may not realize it, there are terrorist attacks everyday, though not all of them are as serious as the bombings, and they dont get the media to cover their story. One such example of terrorism is the way that Monk Klutter and his team of henchmen ran their collection agency, threatening the small and the new students in the junior high school. They (Monks gang) did this to set their reputation. The Kobras, as they called themselves, strutted their stuff to help give them the you dont want to mess with us look. Monk had one of his little minions walk behind him carrying a switchblade that Monk used to give himself manicures. He couldve very well used a normal manicure tool, but instead chose to use the knife to flaunt off his superiority. The terrorists in New York couldve used actual bombs to take down the World Trade Center, but instead chose to use our own planes, filled with our citizens, to cause the massive towers to collapse. These actions were used to set fear into the people, to hopefully prevent an uprising.

Terrorists, though they might frighten the populace, must be punished. Kobras went around, terrorizing the students, giving the school the after-school shakedowns. They went around aimlessly, causing trouble, and werent expecting any trouble in return. However, they didnt seem to realize that trouble was staring them in the face, or rather, watching them from above. Monk, one who usually does absolutely none of the dirty work, reaches out to senselessly cause physical harm to the one friend that Pricilla has. Monk never did get his chance at the dirty work, before Pricilla humiliated him and left him in her locker for a week. The punishment that Monk served was quite fitting. He tried to mess with the wrong person of persons, and as a result, he suffered. The United States has yet to come up with the battle plan for the terrorists, but as the old saying goes, let the punishment fit the crime.

Terrorist attacks may vary in strength and severity, they need to be dealt with just the same. Poetic justice, some people get their kicks out of watching others suffer, and others like the finishing touches. Even if the United States doesnt shove a bunch of terrorists into a locker for a week, although that would be fun to watch, they will be dealt their hand, and the punishment will either fit the crime, or it will exceed it. All that is known is that the ones responsible will suffer.

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