How I Came To Pursuing A Career In Economics

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

Growing up in a finance-driven family made me develop a keen interest in financial markets. I thus found myself reading extensively on current financial events in The Financial Times and The Economist. It was then that I was convinced I wanted to pursue a career in Economics.

Having been raised in Kenya- a nation not shy of its economic problems – I always questioned the reason for these problems. This inspired me to read the book “Why Nations Fail” by Draco Acemoglu and James A. Robinson. The book explained the correlations between the stagnated economic growth in certain Sub-Saharan African countries and the failure of leaders to adopt new technologies which would revolutionize industries, due to the fear of loss of political power. It also demonstrated the introduction of inclusive political and economic institutions which resulted from economic incentives. This theme was outlined in the book “Freakonomics” by Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. It realized the role of incentives on human behaviour and shows how influential economics is in every day decisions.

During my summer vacation I had the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge in a two-week internship at an audit firm – Mwaura W. & Associates. I learnt about the importance for company valuations during business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). I also learnt that there are two parts to valuations; the financial aspect – which uses company financials, and risk analysis. To carry out the financial aspect, different valuation methods are adopted. To carry out the risk analysis, a combination of hard and soft factors must be considered. Furthermore, this opportunity enabled me to improve on my organizational and team building skills.

In a bid to make Economics a more interesting and applicable subject for myself and my peers, I developed a simple trading game that incorporates the buying and selling of commodities. The aim of the game is to relate the concepts of demand and supply learnt in class to real world events (for example the 70% decline in oil prices between 2014 and 2016). Through this game, the participants understood the markets and aimed to make profits. To add onto this, I was able to achieve the highest in IGCSE English and AS level Economics

During my time at school I participated in the Middle School Model United Nation (MSMUN) conference where I served both as a Delegate and Ambassador in the Health committee. I presented resolutions for the scourge of AIDS in Sub-Saharan countries and gained an insight into the difficulties faced by many across Africa. With the knowledge I acquire at university, I aim to find a viable solution for these problems. This opportunity also improved my communication skills through debating. I am also a senior prefect and a house captain, two demanding responsibilities which have significantly improved my leadership and organizational skills.

Apart from participating in co-curricular activities provided by my school and focusing on my education, I played junior professional tennis. My dedication and passion in tennis led to me to acquiring various international awards such as winner of the Under 14 Central African Tennis (CAT) masters and I achieved a career high International Tennis Federation (ITF) junior ranking of 253 in the world. I was privileged to be part of the Kenya Fed Cup team in 2017. Balancing academics, leadership and sports has contributed greatly to my holistic growth and development. I wish to play tennis at the university level.

I dedicate part of my time to coach the junior tennis team in school. In addition, my expertise in tennis also propelled me to impart moral and professional skills to underprivileged boys and girls from slums who otherwise would not get an opportunity to learn. By doing so, they were able to have the opportunity to develop a new skill.

I believe that furthering my knowledge of economics at university level will help me play a key role in making my country Kenya be more economically driven, by reducing the myriad economic problems and enhance her development.


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