How Emerson’s Quote Has Changed My Life

May 5, 2021 by Essay Writer

Have you ever heard of Gary Vaynerchuk? Well, if not Vaynerchuk is a famous motivational speaker and investor who achieved the American Dream. Almost every day of the week Vaynerchuk is always trying to inspire and encourage people to try something different. Likewise, a quote written by Ralph Waldo Emerson states, “The power which resides in him is new nature, and none but he knows what that he can do, nor does he know until he has tried.” This quote is stating that you will not know what you like nor what you are good at until you have tried. Throughout this essay I will be showing how this quote represents myself, the significance of the quote, how this quote will relate to myself in the future and lastly a moment in my life that I had tried something new.

A quote written from Ralph Waldo proclaims that, “The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried.” The quote is resembling a, “hidden talent,” that a person may have but may not know that he/she has. What Waldo is trying to explain, is go and try new things, because you may not know if you like it or your good at it until you’ve tried it. The power, that he’s trying to explain is a talent and or gift that you may hold. Furthermore, he addresses the talent being new nature. He is using new nature, as something that a person may not be familiar with. With that, he says none but he knows, meaning the person that has this power, only he may know he has that ability until he has tried it. Throughout the countless amount of quotes Waldo had written, there is still one theme; trying new things can further your success, and you have to be independent and make decisions for yourself, never to rely on others. The power and wisdom that Emerson had while writing these quotes and or books is unexplainable.

Truly listening to my surroundings and peoples stories, made me put a certain perspective on life and the person I am. My main goal as a person, is just to be kind; kindness truly goes a long way with so many people. So many people wanted to be the next, “millionaire,” but my long term goal is to just be kind and grateful for everything that I have. Another key trait that I also have is optimism. I try and surround myself with people that are humble, have good personalities and are realistic. Optimism is not just about hoping that you are going to do good, its gaining confidence that you will succeed. This will also relate to how people will do in the future. If you’re a person that just expect help from everyone else but themself is going to be in a world of hurt later on in life. Waldo states, that you have to try new things, and he said you have to help yourself; and if you rely on others, you are going to be stuck. Like before, Gary Vaynerchuk made a great point in one of his video clips, he said, “The quickest tell that if you’re a winner or a loser is complaining.” He said, “If you are complaining you have no shot to make it long term.” I seek this quote as truth, because if your happy and never complaining, you are not going to care if your poor or rich, you’re going to be happy the way you are and going to have to accept it, because those were your choices. Going off the person that I am, in school it will not change. I go to school to learn new things, meet new people and further education to see how this topic/subject will help me in the future. This quote also reveals about who I am as a person, because I truly am devoted to meet new people and try new things. For example, this past year, I had decided to join new clubs like FBLA. Through this experience, I had realized that I wanted to do a job that was business related instead of agriculture, which was new and was something I liked. Through realization about Ralph Waldos quote, new thing may lead to a bright future.

One moment that changed my life and future in relation to Emerson’s quote of trying something new was a decision based upon the school that I had gone to. In the second to last month of my middle school years, I was faced with a hardship of leaving unbreakable bonds with friends or creating a path for my career. Almost every night I went home from school with a different opinion. Every night at the dinner table, my parents would talk about how much information and hands-on learning Nonnewaug does, rather than being stuck at a desk all day. The thoughts about leaving the people I grown up with, played sports with, and cherished some of my valuable memories were making it that much harder to choose. Throughout the days, which felt like months this decision was haunting me, which would I chose. As I walked off the bus one day, the casual grabbing the mail had become a habit, and I saw a letter addressed to me at the top. Of course, out of curiosity I had to open it to see what it was. As I opened it, my eyes become wider, and the hair on my neck had begun to stick up; and at this moment I had realized it was decision day. As I walked into the house my brain was on overload. Thoughts from everywhere were popping up. I was pacing back and forth around the house, with emotions sad but happy I began to think. This is where Ralph Emerson’s quote comes into play, trying something not everyone does, and taking the path less traveled. After another long, stressful talk I checked of on the piece of paper that I would be attending Nonnewaug High School. Even after having the paper sent in I still had some try of stress that, I did not know anyone, I had no idea about where my classes where, but on the first day of highschool, that stress had gone away. The kids there were so kind and helpful of letting us know where are classes where. Although I did not know anyone, the first day I went to advisory and met one of my best friends Ryan Ng. He had told me that he was from Newtown and also interested in the ag program like I was. Later on I met a couple more kids, until 6th period Biology. I walked in sat and a seat, and across from me was future to being my best friend. Jim introduced himself to me, and asked me if I played any sports and I played baseball and basketball, he said likewise. Right away I felt like, a new bond made been created. Every day after that we began to talk, and he had introduced me to his friend group, and of course it will never be the same as my old school, but it was pretty close. Relating this back to Emerson’s quote, is about a power that you may have until you have tried. Granted committing to a different school is not a power by no means, but Emerson is saying that you have to try new things to see if it either fits you or you like it. Thinking about it now makes me realize what an opportunity I got getting into the school, and also great relationships that you build throughout life.

This year I strive to do bigger and better things. In years past, I have struggled with a few different things including organizational skills and better work ethic. In sophomore year, I was very unorganized, and forgetful. I used to forget something was due until the second to last day, and I could never be able to find anything inside my backpack, I had just thrown stuff in there. This upcoming year, I plan to try out a couple different clubs, for a couple different reasons. One being that it may help me create and build relationships with different people. On the same note, I will be able to experience better leadership and development skills that I will need in the future. Lastly, it will help me out in my senior year, because I will be able to write down different extracurricular activities I had done. This past year, I was disappointed in my work ethic, for some reason it had slowed down a lot since freshman year, so by realizing that I want to go home, study hard for tests and quizzes, hand my work in on time and create a great transcript that colleges can look at. Furthermore, I want to make an impact on sometimes life, it does not have to change their life around, but I want to help people that look like they can be headed down the wrong path, or someone that’s in a tough time. It’s hard, when someone and even myself was in a tough time losing multiple family members this year, but truly with support of friends and family you know that you will always have someone to count on. Although, many kids have awful home life’s, hearing some of them talk about it makes me realize that I’m luckier than most people, knowing that I have so many people that can count on me and I can do the same. So in conclusion this year, the organizational skills and work ethic are going to change; and lastly I want to make an impact on someone who needs help in some sort of way.

In conclusion, Emerson’s quote truly showed me that trying new things, shows that you’re a willing person, and make a difference in your life. Sometimes it’s good to listen to others and get feedback, but other times you have to trust yourself. Some decisions will help you in the future and you always have to be optimistic and willing like Emerson said. Through experiences like my story, I am better understanding of why so many people regret so many things they did not due and telling others to try something new.

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