How Being Associated With El Patrón Has Helped Matt In The Novel The House Of The Scorpion

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

In the book The House of The Scorpion, the fundamental character is a clone. The clone, Matt, is the clone of a massive and old drug lord. Individuals shake at the sound of his name, El Patrón. Individuals are terrified of him in light of the fact that numerous years prior he was a drug lord that transformed individuals into careless numbskulls suddenly. He has had the capacity to control a lot of individuals, including Matt.

As a result of El Patrón’s lawful activities, individuals will in general aversion him. In addition to the fact that people dislike El Patrón, they bullied Matt for being his. The general population in Opium believe that being a clone is a frightful thing. They believe that they are filthy creatures that fill no need aside from organ transplants and doing the undesirable work that others would prefer not to do. In this manner, there are points of interest and downsides to Matt being El Patrón’s clone

Matt has a variety of encounters in view of his character giving him points of interest and hindrances. A thing that Matt can use towards the development of being El Patrón’s clone is that he can get regards from others. For instance, Matt had taken an unmonitored trip to the eejit pens and got lost. In the eejit pens, his horse gave out and he was stranded, but he was captured by two men of the Farm Patrol. They thought he was an eejit that had gotten away so they endeavored to get him.

At that point, Matt told them that he was El Patrón’s clone and he would go directly to El Patrón in the event that they didn’t release him. When the Farm Patrol found that out they promptly began saying ‘sorry’ to him and guaranteed to return him to the Alacran Mansion (173-174). Matt made tracks in the opposite direction from the eejit pens as a result of his way of life as El Patrón’s clone. Despite the fact that individuals dislike El Patrón he has a ton of regard for him since individuals are terrified of what he could do to them in the event that they resist him. Another example is that at Matt’s birthday he hosted a major birthday get-together at the Big House with all the family. “One more thing,” said Matt, I demand a birthday kiss. Gasps ricocheted around the crowd” (109).

Despite the fact that Matt realized it wasn’t right for him to request a kiss from Maria, he did it anyways and El Patrón let him do it since it demonstrated that Matt was powerful enough to get what he wanted. Matt just did it since he needed Tom to feel desirous. The way that it was Matt’s birthday likewise helped him to get the kiss that he needed. Matt being associated with El Patrón has helped him in getting what he needed and when he needed it.


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