How 9/11 Affected the Whole Nation

October 14, 2020 by Essay Writer

You wake up one morning thinking that today is going to be normal day. You follow your daily routine and turn on the TV news channel. Your surprised by the chaos on the news and from your apartment you can hear people screaming and shouting. Out of nowhere you hear a loud boom. This is the second plane that crashed. You check the date 9/11/01. America words widely known such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ground zero, radicalism and anthrax.( Villemez, 2018, p1)

       On September 11 terrorist attack the United States. They hijacked four air planes mid flight. They terrorist flew the airplanes into the twins towers causing them to make two large holes on the top of the buildings. Many people were on the top of the building and it took many hours to rescue them. The four planes were hijacked with 19 terrorist who were from the middle east. All planes were crashed according to plans and some of the terrorist died in the plane crash. 9/11 has left a lasting impact on thousands of people around the world. approximately 3000 people died. People who have lost their loved ones or experienced the incident will never erase this from their memories. Immediately afterward, the FAA banned all flights around New York City, and bridges and tunnels in the area started to close.( Gale, 2017, P1) There was no phone services. Transportation service were cancelled. People were frantic not knowing if their loved ones were safe. The FAA suspected another hijacking after Flight 77 crew members and passengers began calling family members and other officials.(Gale, 2017, P1) At 9:31 President Bush announced that the country was under an apparent terrorist attack. The President was in Florida reading to school children when he was notified.

          Airports and security forces tightened up and were upgraded.  we had much more ways 9/11. This incident made US realize that they had to do more then just upgrading their security. A new department was created after 9/11 called-Department of Homeland Security. The department was specially made for terrorist and protection against terrorism. Two months after the attacks, Congress federalized airports by security by passing the Aviation and Transportation Security Act.(Villimez, 2018,P1) Airports tightened security to include measures like removing shoes when going through security. Legislation was created to insure that soldiers and others who helped with the cleanup had access to healthcare. Building codes were created to make skyscrapers stronger and to be safe in other situations like this attack.

          Osma bin laden was born in Riyadh 1957. He went to school in Saudi Arabia and later moved to Afghanistan where  he got involved with terrorists. Later on he moved to Afghanistan, where he joined the jihad or holy water, against the Soviet Union. He formed the group Al-Queda , which means the base in 1998.(Gale, 2017, P2) They made the first terror attack in 1991 and space was directed to the American troops. At that time the bomb attack did not kill any Americans. After that they started to gather more people and got even more powerful. 9/11 started lots of fights and made many enemies. As of 2012, ICE reported that 9/11 attack had taken nearly 48,000 convicted criminal aliens.(The Lowdown, 2018, P8) It cause lots of commotion and all the news channel were only talking about the incident.

        The events of 9/11 is still very sad for people who lost loved ones or experienced the incidents. This affected the whole nation. The area is now known as Ground Zero. The terrorists involved in the attack have died butAl-queda is still very much alive and active. 9/11 is an incident that will never be forgotten.

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