House of Sand and Fog Essay

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When people are deprived from the things which are significant for them they are inclined to use all the opportunities to return these things or the previous stability. The house can be such an object which symbolizes stability and security for a person. In the book House of Sand and Fog, Andre Dubus presents the discussion of the problem of stability, justice, and dream with references to the conflict between Kathy Lazaro and Colonel Behrani.

The main characters who take the opposite positions have their assistants to help them in resolving the conflict. If Colonel Behrani’s actions are based on the support of his family, Kathy Lazaro has the supporter in the figure of Deputy Sheriff Lester Burdon. The controversial and rather shameful relationships between Kathy Lazaro and Lester Burdon depend on the fact that these characters have a lot of similar features in their attitudes to the life situations.

It is important for Kathy to feel the support and assistance in her struggle for the house. Burdon provides the poor woman with the necessary help and reflects her attitude to the situation. Thus, Kathy is inclined to say about Burdon, “He reminded me of me” (Dubus 90). It is possible to discuss the statement from the perspective of Kathy’s attitude and from the point of general similarities between two characters.

Kathy sees Burdon as a man who tries to help her and shares her frustration because of the legal injustice which Kathy has to experience. Moreover, it is something elusive in the life backgrounds of these persons which make them understand each other. In addition to this, Kathy feels that Burdon is ready to fight for the idea like she is ready to overcome all the obstacles to return the house that is the only thing which is important for her now.

Nevertheless, the readers can pay more attention to the similarities in Kathy and Burdon’s behaviors while discussing the characters without references to Kathy’s vision of Burdon. It is possible to state that Burdon can remind Kathy. These two characters have their own opinions on the concept of responsibility, morality, and justice which are rather similar.

Kathy is irresponsible in relation to all her life regarding the drug addiction and ignoring letters from the authorities which explain the problems with the house. Burdon is irresponsible in relation to doing his work and representing the law and in his relations with the wife and children (Dubus). Kathy and Burdon can cross the boundaries without references to the questions of morality and duty. That is why, Kathy can discuss Burdon as the person who is close to her in the visions and ideals.

Admitting the fact that Burdon reminds Kathy of herself, the woman states that she has a lot of similar features with Burdon, she considers him as a supporter and assistant, she can rely on him as on herself. It is possible to find the parallels between the actions and behaviors of Kathy and Burdon because of their similar visions of the problem’s roots and ways to solve it.

From this point, Burdon is the mirror for Kathy, and this mirror reminds the woman about her difficulties and inner conflicts. As a result, Kathy is ready to start the strange and disgraceful relationships with Burdon in order to find a kind of security.

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