Horror During The Salem Witch Trials

August 10, 2020 by Essay Writer

During the Salem Witch Trials the area of Salem was swarmed with Hysteria. People made false accusations of witchcraft, false confessions, and signs of witchcraft.
200 people were convicted of the devilr’s magic, and 20 people were executed with every single one of them being hung and another one being crushed to death.

People of these times were all jealous of someone I mean jealousy still goes on today I mean look at our school everyone is jealous of someone in a way. Well today you dont get hung for someone being jealous of you or crushed but people were always being falsely accused of being a witch no matter if you were innocent known to the public or just someone who never caused any trouble you were vulnerable of being accused of being a witch and if you were called witch upon you sat in jail until you proved yourself innocent. Abigail Williams was one of the people jealous of someone her name was Elizabeth Proctor which was John Proctorr’s wife Abigail was jealous cause she a psychopath that wanted John Proctor all to herself so here and a group of girls went and danced naked in the forest with Tituba and Abigail drank chicken blood and wished death upon Elizabeth Proctor then Reverend Parris walked up on them while they were dancing naked and Betty fainted and faked of being touched by the devil then Abigail called witch upon Tituba and she plead guilty for it. The girls then started a chain of false accusations where every time someone went against the girls they all turned against them and called witch upon them. Giles Corey and John Proctor knew the girls were faking because Abigail told John the girls were faking and then he told them to stop the madness and she said no which then led to her calling witch upon his wife which sent him overboard and he went and confronted the court himself.

Then the false accusations took place people blaming people just to blame them and blaming that someoner’s spirit came to them in there sleep and force them to do witchcraft and everyone was blaming everyone there was no one you could trust in the village of salem it was chaotic the false accusations were the things that got most people killed.

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