Holes Book: A Hilarious and Convoluted Story

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

I read a book called “Holes” this first and second term. I found this book very Rich in adventure, interesting, and humorous. I laughed a lot while I was reading it. And also, it has a great theme. I highly recommended it for all readers. I think that the theme of this book is “NEVER GIVE UP!!”, because the main character (Stanley) committed a crime and he was sent to the green lake.

Although there were bullies and, fights, he never gave up digging the holes so that he managed to fit in with prisoners and he got a nickname of Caveman. I think that the symbol of this book is yellow lizard. In the green lake camp, it is very well known as a very dangerous animal because it has very sharp and big teeth and poison so if it bites people, they will really get hurt. I think that this symbol represents a danger, and maybe as well as don’t dig too much, otherwise it will bite you, and you will get hurt and have a terrible experience.

In the first ten chapters a boy stole some shoes from someone from a shelter that where getting donated to homeless people they were by a famous baseball player named sweet foot, Stanley went to court and sweet foot said to him ‘I don’t know why you got to steal from homeless people your no fan of mine ‘  then Stanley was sad, he went to sleep the next morning it was hard for him to get up because he had to get up at six o’clock in the morning. he was still tired then he got a shovel then x-ray came up to him and took the shovel and dropped Stanley one on the floor then he picked it up then zigzag said to Stanley that’s his shovel because it two inches smaller than the other one’s smaller shovel smaller holes. he took a while to do his hole when he was done he had big fat blisters. then MR. Sir said you’re going to get used to it. he went back to his cabin then he ate and they had to go to sleep at six o’clock and wake up at six.

So far, he was getting used to it and then he started to dig his holes faster. he went to is cabin then he had got a letter that his mom mailed him a letter and he read it when nobody was there because he didn’t want no one to pick on him for reading a letter from his mom. the only one that was there was zero and he was looking over Stanley and Stanley said do you mind then zero said “I don’t know how to read can you teach me?” I can relate that to something that’s happening right now in America which is that less and less Americans want to be judges so America is changing judges into algorithms, an algorithm is like a recipe of commands that the owner sends to the device where the algorithm is running.

So back to court, judge algorithms get this type of command, “If suspect is black run mathematic problem of how many black people were sent in prison in the past 10 years. ” If you’re asking yourself are there any camps like camp green lake well yes there are like one in Russia named: St. Spydron the Triumphant patriotic club founded in 2011 at a cathedral in the town of Lomonosov just outside of St Petersburg. Local kids aged to 17 go there to learn to love their motherland and fight for it. In Israel kids after the age of 15 go to military school in case one day they get attacked by their several neighboring countries. Sachar is a playful, serious writer and his story is unforgettable. It’s all in the title, really. While Stanley digs his holes, the reader fills the holes in the story, slowly but methodically. Sachar supplies the missing pieces of his puzzle with subtle irony.

The plot is incredibly intelligent. The Camp Green Lake has no green or lake; the counselors are not in the business of counseling, the boys covered with lizards are the ones in less danger of being bitten. Hector is somebody very important to the story and to Stanley and so forth. What we perceive to be in a certain way is not true–the story has twists and tangles that make it extremely interesting. Yes, what goes around comes around; it’s all in the protagonist’s name too, for its palindronic nature is a foreshadow of Stanley’s Karma. He will ‘rectify’ the ‘wrongs’ of his ancestor Elya Yelnats. He will also be saved by things/people connected to his family history. In the chaos of life, there is justice in the end. The Ying and Yang will balance. The family history will be readjusted by the just wheel of justice. Emptiness will be filled. The deceiving game will make sense at last. The story unfolds like Sam’s onions are peeled by the protagonist. Sachar enjoys his storytelling style just as Stanley enjoys eating his onions, peeling them slowly. Nothing is what it seems to be, in this story, and yet, in the end, we see that everything is what it was supposed to be and it makes sense.


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