History Has Been Recorded

July 31, 2020 by Essay Writer

History has been recorded for such a long time to the point where choosing one topic was made quite difficult actually. However, I wanted to do something that actually influenced a great deal of humans in a way that would change the course of history and the course of human evolution as a whole in one topic. Then I quickly realized what better than the boom of humanity on this planet in the early 1800s because of a couple different inventions that had made humanity grow over 800 percent.

From everything that we eat to the things that we do for fun in our time today has all been influenced by the Industrial Revolution in some way, shape, and/or form. If there was s simple way to identify the Industrial Revolution, quite simply it would the biggest game changer that humanity has ever experienced to make things just so simple and making the modern world, well, modern (Introduction to the Industrial Revolution).

I think one of the biggest things that the Industrial Revolution had an impact on right away would be the fact that people mostly had lived on the countryside but with the tremendous growth of cities and the jobs associated with them created an extremely quick sense of urbanization in the new world (Introduction to the Industrial Revolution). That is just one of the many single successes that the Industrial Revolution had in the short run, however, with time there have been so many other advancements. For example, the use of medication, computers, and even things like the average salary has had an influence from it in some way. It was literally something that improved so many lives in such a short span of time.
To more deeply explore what the Industrial Revolution is and what it really it really means is also quite simple actually. It literally happens when a large sum of people find way to improve life from using things like rocks and sticks to acquiring the usage of fire, coal, etc. in order to power up many factories and machines as well.

The origin of the Industrial Revolution originally came from England but then gradually moved across the world into the North America continent in the early 1820s (Introduction to the Industrial Revolution).

Now with the current knowledge that we know about it, we know that it started in 18th century and also the inventions that also probably made the Industrial Revolution such a big success because of transcontinental railroad the cotton gin, electricity and other inventions too that permanently changed society forever (History Industrial Revolution). However, these inventions were only the icing on the cake. One of the actual changes that this had brought was the fact that the transportation industry quite literally sucked before this change. Materials and goods were literally transported using horses and boats on rivers and canals (History Industrial Revolution).

A man named Robert Fulton built the first steamboat that were eventually able to trade with other countries outside of North America with so much efficiency (History Industrial Revolution). Another example would include the first railway steam locomotive that was built and designed by Englands own Richard Trevithick that was finished sometime by the 1830s. Englad had finally came up with a way to be able to transport people around. In another case, a man named John McAdam developed a new process for road construction making roads very, very smooth to use.

There are still some things to the Industrial Revolution that many people still probably have no clue until this day. For example, the it was divided into the first and second Industrial Revolution in a sense that even in the 19th and 20th centuries, there were many uses for basic materials. Around this time, we had also been utilizing lighter metals, newer alloys, and plastics, as well as new energy sources on top of that (Britannica).

With all of these uses coming together all at once, it gave the rise to completely automated factories such as the assembly line which was arguably the most and major significance in the second part of the Industrial Revolution. Now, everything had changed, such as common stock was becoming more available by individuals so now there also a greater rift between the commoner, the poor, and especially the wealthy. After the rise of the Second Industrial Revolution governments also had no choice to meet the demands of the people in a way where they had to such social and economic adjustments to things like pricing and consuming (Britannica).

On the other hand, even with all of the positives that the Industrial Revolution had seemingly brought upon us, there were also some things that it had done that was not so great either. Because of the Industrial Revolution, our population size has blown up from what was originally 670 million people in the 1700s to only three hundred years later to being at around 7 billion people (Khan Academy). Without a doubt, almost everyone in this world enjoy the uses that it has brought upon us. We have so many things at our disposal likes our laptops, computers, phones, cars, buildings, and homes integrated with so much power and technology that at some level came from the Industrial Revolution.

Nowadays, it is crazy to believe how much power we use even for the simplest things like powering a lightbulb to something extremely difficult like powering up our homes. Another great cost from this can be something like how much technology needs to keep up with the increasing appetite and greed that humans tend to have in order to make them happy. We are using up so many of our natural resources that are determinantal to our survival. Things that we should be taking care of like our soils, oceans, atmospheres, environments, plants, and animals are all at risk because it seems like we need something from all of it (Khan Academy).

Women also had an extremely big change in the time of the Industrial Revolution as well in greater ways that you can possibly imagine. It finally lifted womens eternal role from the kitchen to more versatility to work outside of their homes (Ducksters). But, the most important thing was the fact that it birthed the womens right movement from one major event. The Lowell Mill Girls. It was a factory that hired women in the textile mill industry known as the mill girls.

It gave many women opportunities to get away from the farm into a more factory setting, however, it came with a big cost. Factory owners did not treat their employees at all, and also payed women less first of all (Ducksters). As the industrial revolution was taking place, the same time the civil war had begun opening women to even more opportunities that men would typically have but also started to flourish in jobs like being teachers, office clerks, nurses, and seamstresses (Ducksters).  

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