Healthy Food: Lesson Plan Coursework

September 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

The first part of the lesson is to inform the students of the difference between nutritious and bad food. Because they will not be able to remember vast amounts of information, the idea is to determine several criteria for making the distinction. For example, fresh fruits, berries, vegetables, dairy products as well as cereals will be included in the category of healthy food. On the other hand, soda, French fries, chips, pizza, burgers, etc. will be marked as junk food. So, the message will be the following: fresh and simple products are healthy while fried and canned are not.

In order to draw the students’ attention to the lesson subject and achieving its objective, some creative elements will be included. For example, they will be shown the pictures of some healthy and junk food during the class materials are delivered. Once the theoretical part of the lesson is over, the students will be asked several questions regarding the subject. The rest of the time will be dedicated to testing their knowledge and assessing their progress. However, the test will be creative in order to keep them interested.

The idea is to provide each student with a sheet of paper with a basket on a table drawn on it and glue. Moreover, they will be given thirty pictures of different food products and dishes. Their task is to choose healthy food and glue it either on a basket or a table. Glasses and dishes should be glued on a table while fresh products should be put in a basket. To enhance analyzing, some additional products will be included in the assortment of pictures such as flavored milk and sweets. The number of correct issues will be twenty including fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, and berries, cereals, dairy products, and juice as well as spring water. The students will be asked to explain their choice. They will be graded based on their choice of products and answers to the questions asked before the test.


Answers to teacher’s questionsRemained passive during the discussionWas asked a question, but could not answer itWas asked a question and gave correct answerWas active during the discussion, but made one mistake while answering the questionWas active during the discussion and gave correct answers to all questions
Chosen food productsLess than 1010/2015/2018/2020/20
Explaining products choiceCould not explain the choiceCould explain the reasons for choosing only several productsMade several slight mistakes in explanationsMade one slight mistake in explanationsProvide accurate explanations according to lesson materials
Following test directions (product location)More than 5 mistakes4mistakes3 mistakes1 mistakeFollowed all test directions
NeatnessWorked carelessly ruining the resultShowed carelessness when gluing picturesShowed some carelessness, but the work still looks neatWorked neatlyWorked neatly and with precise attention to products combination
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