Harriet Tubman And Her Impact

August 10, 2020 by Essay Writer

I was a conductor on the Underground Railroad, and I can say what many others cannot. I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger.Assisting low income families, liberating slaves, and empowering women – these accomplishments are just a glimpse of what makes Harriet Tubman a significant inspiration: a name remembered till today!

Picture this, your feet ache as you take another step and you hear your stomach growl in pain. You are a slave on the Underground Railroad (a system of hidden routes and houses to help slaves escape) walking the long winding path to freedom along with other slaves, but youre scared….really scared. Out loud, you complain to turn back and thatr’s when the leader of the group, a dark woman adorned with a vibrant head scarf, suddenly points a gun to your head and orders you to Move or die. Frightened, you rush forward to continue the journey. That woman was Harriet Tubman, and that encounter, it really happened. Yeah that may have come off as harsh, but it was Tubmanr’s fierce attitude that led eighty slaves to freedom and kept her, in all of her thirteen missions, from losing any of them. Her fellow abolitionists rewarded her with the nickname Black Moses.

Tubman was not just brave but a compassionate woman proven in how she made it one of her missions to aid those struggling financially and care for the disabled. Because of her own disabilities from life as a slave, she could barely care for her needs; for her family; for those in her care. Despite her diminishing health, she never stopped working to bring people to safety, buying twenty-five acres of land for them to live on. Tubman would encourage those under her wing to strive towards independence and taught them new skills.

Harriet Tubman opened new doors for women: she became the first female to organize a military raid in America. Her speech at a womenr’s suffrage meeting and appearance in the National Association of Colored Women conference revealed her persistent passion for equality. Tubmanr’s actions destroyed the stereotypes of what it meant to be a woman.

Her courage lives on forever in the stories of those lucky enough to know her. Thomas Garrett, a dedicated abolitionist, describes one such event. In the freezing cold of March, Tubman and the runaway slaves with her suddenly came across a deep river. Despite the slaves fears, Tubman fearlessly went deep into the gushing waters while the slaves waited safely on land until they knew for sure it was all right to cross. There are very few people out there with the faith and confidence to put the needs of others before her own, and that is what makes Harriet Tubman so different. With commitment, persistence, courage, Harriet Tubman transformed history by helping and changing lives. To this day and for the rest of history, we will and will always remember the name, Harriet Tubman.

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