Greek Catastrophe in the Play “Oedipus” by Sophocles

January 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

Oedipus the King

There have been numerous inquiries regarding destiny and predetermination since time has started. Mankind dependably was worried about their predetermination versus the impacts of their own exercises. There still is a question lingering about, if fate controls the free? In the play Oedipus by Sophocles, this gives readers that Oedipus is becoming a violent and guilty, which gives him the name of a outlaw. In reality, his thoughts weren’t meant to devious at no point of time. Even though he killed his father and married his mother, the fate was closer than he thought.

In Oedipus the King it is made very clear by Sophocles that endeavoring to resist your destiny is silly and just outcomes in your destiny happening in any case.Oedipus is a drama for the simple fact, this was basically a love triangle story that ended wrong in the way possible. This play was not of surprise but of suspense because the reader knew what will happen next. Oedipus uncover the hidden fact about his whole life and his parents, where he was ignorant and we as the audience wasn’t.

The mystery is not what Oedipus has done but how he will realized what have he done was wrong. Also, this will show how he will react to the new information that he has received. The fable holds that the father of Oedipus, Laius learned from previous ages that his son will be his murderer. Laius had prince Oedipus at the time by his wife Jocasta, and Laius didn’t want the baby, so set the Oedipus out to die on Mount Cithaeron. This was a regular practice in the old world, where they leave baby out to die. The parents could get rid of the baby without feeling any guilt in their soul. Mankind can say that this led to the fate of Laius because he didn’t want his son. Oedipus was adopted by a couple that didn’t have a child and made him their son, which he thought that they were his birth parents.

Situations like this happens in modern day, where birth parents give their child up for adoption at an early and don’t think about how it will affect the child in the future. When the child is older enough to understand, their birth parents tries to come back into their life and now the child doesn’t want anything to do with the birth parents. Kids may never know the situation on why their parents gave them up for adoption. Oedipus was meeting his fate when plague became a major problem in the city. This plague kills majority of the city of Thebes. Oedipus can be seen as a typical 5th century Athenian, where he is optimistic, irritable and self-confident in his beliefs about religion, and a firm believer in the strength of human thinking.

Aristotle sees the story of Oedipus as a Greek catastrophes. This play has two plots that he thought were important to genre of drama. Aristotle says that Oedipus is a prime example of a man whose fall into bad luck is the solution not of terrible decisions or devious character, but many think it was a mistake and this led to the death of Oedipus. The story of Oedipus is a tragedy that led to his fate, where he was clueless. Egotism, pride, and visual deficiency give the imagery all through this story, which includes confronting the general facts of man.

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