Ghosts in Different Cultures and Mass Media

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

To say ghosts do not exist would be ignorant because there have been many sightings of them and have been spotted in multiple countries. This idea is based on the ancient tale of a person’s spirit existing separately from their body and continue until death. A ghost could appear in any form but in the same reincarnation of a person. Ghost could appear at any time but in stories and some cultures, they are said to come only when they want revenge and are used to scare little kids not to sin. There are also many books that use ghost as a mean to scare people, but most adults do know that they are real.

First Experiences on Ghost

A person or animal is considered a ghost when after death he or she returns in a half-human form, where some can touch and move objects. The roots of spirit photography can be traced back to the past( Since ancient times places that are hunted tend to be associated with some past occurrence with ghost. It is said that a few people around the world can also speak to ghosts and see them in their everyday lives. Some celebrities have also encountered them, and those dead have been spotted a few times such as Michael Jackson, Tupac, and many more but most of the videos are said to be fake. Spirit photography is a form of picture taking that attempts to capture pictures of ghosts or anything relating to it. The beginning of this can be traced back to the 19th century, during this time some photographers were experimenting with new effects when they realized the idea and exploited it for profit. Ghost has been in our society for a long time and is said that a camera could capture a ghost we could not see. Scientists have studied the human eyes and discovered there are images encoded in random patterns only taught to be in computers that create images in our head of ghosts. In 856 A.D, the first poltergeist known of was a ghost that caused physical disturbances such as loud sounds and objects falling to the ground scared and caused the death of a family of three.

Ghost Appearances

Apart from exact physical touch, there are traditional ghosts’ signs which are used in movies and occur in real-life situations as well. These are hunting signs that range from strange noises, lights, smell change, bells playing music, and the displacement of objects. Early ghost sightings were in the first century A.D where the roman author and statemen pliny recorded one of the first notable ghost stories. He spoke on suspecting his house to be haunted after his encounter with a ling bearded man in his house. Ghost appearing clothed in white is very mysterious but tells a little about their origin. The Greeks often told stories about visiting the underworld and it was easy to recognize their fellows amongst the dead because they wore white clothes. Some people say that ghosts create their appearance is such form due to them being able to produce light with colors in order to make it seem like they were wearing clothes (“”).

Ghost in Media

The internet portrays the topic on ghost to a much larger scale. Most of these tend to often be fake but some do tell the true stories on some topics. A tv series known as dead famous was a British paranormal reality television show that first aired on June 15, 2004 to June 13, 2006. The show emphasized on famous deceased people. Online these topics are used for entertainment purposes and in order to get people interested to watch the topic gets turned into fake news. Ghost stories are vaguely exploited online in cases where people explore abandoned buildings or play haunted games. Explorers online tend to do research before checking these places, but some people check mainly for online attention. This in some cases could result in deaths and could sometimes affect the viewers very badly. The media is a very good place for sharing stories and a lot of people share their experiences and encounters with ghost around the world. This help to cope with stress and scientist can help from this. Communicating examines the influence of the media messages about paranormal activities and tells how people perceive the information (“Paul Brewer”).

Everything relating to ghosts such as their appearance, affects, unclear communication, affect on the media all require a great amount of subjective interpretation. Ghost also seem to appear at any time in physical and in our minds where it would be least logical and least sensible. Every scientist to try figure out this topic have all returned unsuccessful, every single solved case has turned out to have a little error. All it really took was an idea and a ghost story could become real, and to test this some scientist made up a false story and it was only a matter of time before people began saying they saw it (“Human”). The occurrence of ghost in hallucinations is said to give believers the most convincing experience and dreaming someone only to find out they were dead. There is also no afterlife, there is no soul, and there is no such thing as spirits it is only our brain producing patterns creating images.


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