George Washington’s Impact

July 31, 2020 by Essay Writer

George Washington is a name that is fabled all over the globe(or nation).

George Washington did countless things that have shaped the way our country has developed. George Washington officiated the writing of the US Constitution 1787 it is now considered to be one of the world’s greatest political documents of all time. Without this document, we’d be held to no moral standards leaving Society in shambles. As stated in the article Important Americans Washington helped lay the foundation for the US government is known today. He created a path for the future presidency to follow. He set a standard for all those of posterity to pursue not only found his achievements but in his moral ideals. Without these amendments upholding our rights society would be a corrupt system of tyranny. Sustaining no religious freedom, slavery, and restricted voting.

Furthermore, some may say many of Washington’s efforts were impacted by those of others, but he is the only one considered to be the founder of our country. Many of Washington’s military achievements are admired for their determination more than their accomplishments. He supplied the soldiers with the aspiration and willpower to persevere nothing would deter his determination to establish a Nation free from the chains of arbitrary that had previously restrained them. The colonists dared hope again for their independence, said a time news writer. The Battle of Trenton was and is a very important battle in America’s history. With the military confidence depleted they assumed the rebellion would soon be over. This Victory over Britain brought with that a new found confidence to overcome. George Washington brought the revolution back to life. Without Washington’s efforts to create this impregnable Nation we now call America, it might have never been founded.

Most importantly America wouldn’t be America without George Washington. He has had huge significance in history and his name will live on forever. Washingtons ambition, courage, and diligence created a perfect foundation for the presidential greatness he was destined for. A man that could have had the crown but denied it all to rescue a nation.

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