Gender Roles In I Want A Wife And The Men We Carry In Our Minds

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

Gender roles in America, the diversity between sex. Males and females, they have a trend to hate on one another. Both genders have a limited amount of privileges. Women always wonder what men think and vice versa. We always wondered what the days would be like, if someone was there to always do everything for you. Gender roles have constructed obstacles courses throughout history. Which is where the passages, “I Want A Wife” by Judy Brady and ‘The Men We Carry in Our Minds’ by Scott Russell comes into place.

Throughout the passage, Judy writes, “I Want A Wife” this was the emotional statement to give an understanding that men and women should realize how one-sided the work in a marriage was. She does not actually want a wife. This saying throughout the text highlights the author’s sarcasm. Brady is actually saying all this to open Men’s eyes to give them a feel on how many things a woman is capable of doing. Using hyperbole to make connections in the text, shows how Brady is exaggerating. Brady’s definition of a wife explains that a woman without a husband contributing any work, would brush off negative energy to a woman’s needs. For example Judy Brady states, “I want a husband who works all day to take care of me and my children.” this shows how she is using repetition to explain topics based off of women’s necessities. To show that a man cannot relate.

In the passage, ‘The Men We Carry In Our Minds,’ states how the author explains personal recognition of the problems that many people have , that has to deal with gender equality that washed his mind. After observing the negativity that other people faced around him. Although, he explains in this passage that men had a limited amount of time to make a choice on their future. According to Scott, women were born with a future already planned out. He states that women have an easier life than men when it comes to working, since women can just do stuff that do not take much effort. Scott stated that men would only have good lives if they were a soldier or factory worker. He knew for sure he would fit in one of those jobs too. The moment he realized that women had to go through tough times when it comes to work, made Scott shocked. Scott states, “his dad grew up as a working man.” Even though men are capable of doing the jobs that have to deal with strength, he always believed that women had an easier, enjoyable life.

In conclusion, both genders have had their rough times, especially in the past. Women would fight for their rights because they felt mistreated, as if they deserved equal pay to men. Men and women are capable of doing the actions that were said in both essays. We all make mistakes from time to time. Not everyone acts the same in this world. Every human or gender role rubs off a unique personality. We should all come together and do the best we can do! ‘Life is not a competition between men and women. It is a collaboration.’ by David Fearnhead. 


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