Gandalf from “The Lord of the Rings” Essay

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In “The Lord of the Rings”, Gandalf the Grey is an important character who plays a significant role towards the success of the protagonists.

It would be agreeable that Gandalf is neither a “hero” nor a “villain”. This is the case because he exists in a world where such labels would be meaningless. However, he is on the side of the protagonists. He is promoting a “good fight” in this work of fiction. Gandalf is presented to the audience as a “wizard”. Gandalf the wizard becomes a mentor and leader to different characters such as Frodo and other hobbits.

He is also aware of his powers, abilities, and limitations. That being the case, the character does not accept the “One Ring” after Frodo offer the ring to him. The audience observes that Gandalf only uses his abilities in a positive manner in order to ensure the other hobbits succeed (Chance 63). At the same time, the lights appear to dim after he enters a room. However, this does not make him the sole “British accent” in a sea full of Americans.

Various aspects define Gandalf as a major character in “The Lord of the Rings”. To begin with, the character is a wizard and a mentor to other characters. Some of his unique personality traits include honesty, openness, courage, and integrity. As well, he possesses unique magic powers.

This explains why Gandalf is capable of helping the helpless and can foretell the future. With such personality traits, Gandalf helps others without taking advantage of his powers (Chance 87). He roams the whole of Middle-earth looking for ideas and information in order to make his team strong. He is a risk-taker and even puts himself in great hazards and danger in order to rescue others.

It would be agreeable that Gandalf has a unique “code of honor”. This is the case because he manages to save many hobbits and his friends in the work of fiction. His abilities and personality traits make it easier to guide and mentor other characters such as Frodo and Faramir. “Gandalf does everything deliberately and with the best thought” (Mathijs 83). For example, the work of fiction explains how Gandalf chose Samwise Gamgee to accompany Frodo Baggins.

It is therefore important that Gandalf possesses such traits because they play a significant role towards the success of the hobbits. With such capabilities and traits, Gandalf remains ageless and remains around for such a long time. This makes it possible for Gandalf to address the issues affecting the other hobbits.

He is their guide and hope during the time of adversity. He is always ready to give the best information and ideas at the most appropriate time (Tolkien 65). He is ready to guide and mentor the helpless hobbits in the work of fiction. It is because of such personality traits that Theoden believes he is the “bearer of all evil tidings”. He appears to known everything that might happen across the Middle-earth. The other hobbits appear to get courage and hope every time Gandalf shows up.

Throughout the narration, Gandalf is the character who encourages the other hobbits to have hope and confidence in order to get the “One Ring” and succeed in their quest. Throughout the narration, Gandalf is always in the right place to help those who appear helpless (Mathijs 84). With such personality traits, Gandalf is a mentor and leader who jeopardizes his life in order to let the other hobbits live.

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