Free Management and Leadership Literature Reviews

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

– What is an organization?

An organization is a term that covers three issues: structure, purpose and activity. The organization requires having a particular distinct structure classified in terms of hierarchies, division of labor and formal rules that govern it. An example of an organization is a trial court. An organization exists to serve a purpose, and there are different activities that happen within the organization.

– What is management?

Management is the process through which the elements of the organization undergo coordination and integration. Management allows effective and efficient utilization of the elements of the organization and leads to attainment of objectives. Management is a continuous process aims at achieving the set objectives.

– What is leadership?

Leadership is the act of guiding and directing a group or the organization towards achieving the goals. It involves influencing the elements of the organization towards the targets of the organization.

– Discuss management and leadership in the public sector

Management and leadership in the public sector are important things. It allows for civil obligation and protections of the administrators of the public sector. Leadership and management allow for accountability, efficiency, equity and integrity in the public sector. It develops roles and the expectations from the roles. It allows accomplishments of the objectives of the organizations in the public sector.

– Discuss open – system theory

Open systems theory suggests that organizations constantly interact with the environment. The environment determines what the system will have as an outcome. For example, public conservatism has steered tougher sentences in the jail system. The influence from the environment can happen slowly, but it leads to changes in the organization. Open systems theory is important in providing value for studying interactions between the environment and the organization.

– Discuss complex goals, complex environment, and complex internal constituencies

Complex goals arise when there are many conflicting goals. They are difficult to attain. Internal constituents include employees and other interests that they may have. An important constituent of the organization are the employees, and they require fair treatment, better remuneration and union representation. A complex environment has interrelated activities that allow it to exist.


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