Free Literature Review About Contest Between Mighty Bear And Crafty Crane In The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow By Washington Irving

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

Schoolmaster Ichabod Crane has a grotesque and ironical depiction. Starting from his mocking name Ichabod which in translation from Ancient Hebrew means ‘unfortunate’ which more than enough describes his life and ending with his last name which is also aimed at revealing his grotesque appearance that “one might have mistaken him for the genius of famine descending upon the earth, or some scarecrow eloped from a corn-field.” (Irving) Although he is educated man who “had read several books quite through, and was a perfect master of Cotton Mather’s history of New England Witchcraft” and influential, respected teacher but his thoughts are shallow and he is limited by materialistic and trivial aims such as food, women`s attention or exchange Van Tassel`s farm for money which is impossible without Katrina`s hand. (Irving) Ichabod is well aware about his drawbacks; however his patient, cunning and crafty nature helps him not only resist Van Brunt`s attacks and mockery but also draws him forward in this love race.
On the contrary, Brom Van Brunt is portrayed as total opposite to Ichabod. Van Brunt reminds Greek hero not only by his appearance and skill in horsemanship but also by his “ascendancy which bodily strength always acquires in rustic life, [he] was the umpire in all disputes.” (Irving) He is also respected among neighbors and possesses important position in life of their settlement. Brom exceeds Ichabod in strength, skill and humor but not in patience and art of enchanting ladies.
Relationship between Brom and Ichabod as well as treatment of each other can be compared to bully and his victim role model. They both want to gain Katrina`s attention but they have divergent motifs behind it. Brom treats Katrina seriously and has genuine and non-material intentions which can be seen from his “uncouth gallantries.” (Irving) While Ichabod disguised by his ‘intelligent’ thoughts and singing lessons tries to win Katrina`s heart and farm.
All things considered, while being total opposites Brom Van Brunt and Ichabod Crane are both respected and may influence some things in settlement and are strong opponents in winning Katrina`s heart. As always they both treat each other as enemies and try to win by all means. However, they have different motifs and views regarding Katrina. Dare-devil Brunt truly loves her while demure little thing Ichabod wants money and Katrina as pleasant bonus.


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