Frankenstein and Rur: Depiction Human Behavior

January 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

Frankenstein and RUR both depict the human behavior with inhuman things and also describe the effects of the work that isolated a human being from society. The isolated world setting of both the books is different but disparity and conduct of humans with their creations is similar. Victor’s isolation from the rest of the world ignited a negative energy in his mind that enabled him to research the secret of life and create an artificial human being. Later the Creature also faces the same loneliness situation as faced by Victor. The creature is scorned by the society as well as by his creator that ends up with his evil nature. However, robots are treated like slaves in RUR, which results in a robot’s rebellion against humans which further lead to the extinction of humanity on the earth. Therefore, loneliness and unequal behavior generate negative energy in the mind of an individual that results in murder, death, and fear in society.

One of the main reasons behind Victor’s unchecked passion and negative energy was that he was without anyone else’s input at school. After the longtime research process in the lab, one day when Victor’s best friend Clerval met him on the way, he said to Victor, “I did not before remark how very ill you appear; so thin and pale; you look as if you had been watching for several nights”(86). These lines predict that Victor was a healthy looking person before he engaged with the search of the secret of life. So, Victor’s loneliness and isolation from the society due to his unchecked passion make him unhealthy. In the end, it can be concluded that loneliness may cultivate diseases and other disorders in human life. Mary Shelley noticed that the subject of depression and its impact on people was critical and this topic she emphasized the most in her novel. For Frankenstein’s situation, it can be contended that it is generally his depression that prompted the formation of the creature.

Loneliness likewise plays out in the creature’s life. He turns to slaughter in light of the fact that he is so alone – no one acknowledges him, he has no sidekick, and even his maker has rejected him due to his ugly appearance (Shelley). This loneliness and unequal behavior of the society turns the Creature into an evil. At a certain point, he reveals his loneliness to Frankenstein and ask him to generate a female mate for him, in order him to quit slaughtering and fled to never be seen again (Shelley), He said to victor “shall each man” cried he, “find a wife for his bosom, and each beast have his mate, and I be alone?”(176). These lines of the Creature proves that he was alone in the society that results in his evil nature towards other human beings. To live a happy life, he also needs a partner or acceptance of the society. But, society refuses to accept the Creature due to his ugliness and this is the main reason he demands a female mate from his creator. Frankenstein, who ought to comprehend the dangers of isolation, rejects this thought. So not exclusively did depression prompt the production of the creature, but also ends up with the murders of everyone related to Frankenstein. As victor’s loneliness results in the creation of a monster and sickness for him. Moreover, Monster’s loneliness results in the death of all human beings who were near to victor.

According to the journal of economic psychology, people are not intended to live single lives. Science has demonstrated over and over the significance of companions – in everything from feelings of anxiety, to bliss levels, to future. Recent research established that the feeling of anxiety and loneliness push an individual to seek for the information that can overcome their negative feelings (Shani). The same thing happens with Victor. His isolation from society leads him to search the information about the secret of life. At last, victor’s research finishes with the creation of a monster that ruins his life. Hence, a person who isolates himself from society and family may turn to a wrong path in life. So, a strong bonding with the society, family and friends is very crucial in our life. (Shani)

On the other hand, slavery and unequal conduct of mankind turn into the reason of robots rebellion against humans in RUR. Everybody was expecting that robots should work according to human commands. But, Helena was struggling to provide equal respect and rights for robots, same as humans have. “Helena- Oh, I think that if you were to show them a little love. They are to be – to be dealt with like human beings.”(13) In contrast, the robots seem to have no self-interest, nor any instinct for self-preservation. But later, Dr. Gall said “I changed the character of the robots. I changed the way of making them. Just a few details about their bodies. Chiefly, their irritability. I did it in secret.”(41) Dr. Gall makes changes in robots so that they become able to feel pain and protect themselves from any danger without any command. But, nobody thinks that if robots have more power or especially when they would have irritation feature then they might get irritated by human commands. After changes robots were able to feel irritation from human commands and unequal behavior with them.

As in Frankenstein, the Monster gets irritated by the behavior of society. The same thing happens in RUR, robots also get irritated by the unequal behavior of humans. As a result, robots started a war against humans that results in the extinction of humanity from the earth. Robots hate with humans becomes clear in these lines of Radius (an intelligent robot)- “You are not as strong as the Robots. You are not as skillful as the Robots. The Robots can do everything. You only give orders. You do nothing but talk.” “I don’t want any master. I know everything for myself. I want to be master over people.”(47) It shows that inequality may create negative energy in an individual mind. Almost every intelligent person may expect that he should be the master and he does not need any controller. The same thing happens in robots case, they were intelligent enough to control themselves. This is the reason, they become angry with human commands. After some time, this irritation of robots from humanity changed into a war that causes the death and fear in the society. Hence, it explains that unequal behavior may show irritation in anybody that may become the reason for a war or rebellion.

After reading both the novels it will be right to say that everybody makes sure, you have loved ones you can swing too, and maybe more essentially, who can take your responsibility when you get off track. Victor Frankenstein disengaged himself and paid the consequences for it. However, inequality in the society may generate negative energy in the mind of an individual that may result in murder, death and fear in society. We should not treat anyone badly on the basis of their look and status in the society. It may become harmful for all human beings on the earth. As acceptance of the monster’s ugly look in society might have saved many lives and providing equal rights to robots could have saved humanity on the earth.

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