Frankenstein and Great Expectations Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

Atmosphere is what builds up the emotion within the story. Depending on what situation the character of the story is in shows either a positive or negative atmosphere for example, a small boy walking through a dark forest on his own builds up atmosphere of tension. Atmosphere is important in a story because it engages the reader’s attention by showing characters emotions and feelings, making the reader feel it also creating that connection between the two. ‘Frankenstein’ is a gothic horror novel.

Frankenstein is the main character who calls himself a scientist; he created a monster out of dead bodies that he brings to life. He then rejects the monster who then on to destroy everything Frankenstein cared about.

Charles Dickens’s ‘Great Expectations’ is a book that follows the life of Pip from poor beginnings as an orphan to his rise in society. Yet unfortunately, he is unable to find happiness as it was love not money that would make him happy.

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 Marry Shelly didn’t approve of the fact that back in 1800’s the world of science was developing quickly and she was afraid of how something could go devastatingly wrong. As people have an obession to learn, at that time in the world. Science was becoming the new ‘craze’. New technology was being brought out, for example, people were able to get to places quicker as the first type of cars were manufactured and brought to the public.

Marry Shelly was not against science because she knew that it can be good for people for treating illnesses, but she was cautious about what science may turn out to be like, and this is expressed in her novel ‘Frankenstien’ through what the character does.

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The scientist Frankenstien (the main character) creates a monster, which then turns out to be a mistake that he recreates, because the monster then creates havoc in the local area. Mary Shelly’s message to the people of the 1800’s is a warning to be careful, as you never knew what might happen. This made people realise that science may also turn out to be bad, and not how people wanted things to turn out like, reflected by the Monster in the novel.

Charles Dickens uses ‘Great Expectations’ to shows how poor people were treated in the 1800’s. During the Victorian times the poor had very little: they had very little medical care; they had to work very hard and had very little luxeries. Dickens wrote this novel ‘Great Expectations’ to show more awareness that poor young people are treated in this way. He didn’t agree how children were being treated, he wanted to change the way it worked and he saw his book to be the turning point in which the divide of the rich and poor would be nonexistent. Dickens wanted people of the 1800’s to be more aware of the divide in society and wanting to change this aswell. Todays audience will feel sympathetic towards the main character but would be aware they wouldn’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

The opening chapters to any novel needs to be effective in its job so people want to carry on reading the book. ‘Frankenstein’starts off with a dramatic description of the monster waking. “I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open; it breathed hard, and a convulsive motion agitated its limbs.” This tells introduces the monster to us by showing us a picture in our imagination of the key features when the monster opens its eyes for the first time. The quote has a negative feeling from the words “dull yellow” this is because the adjective “dull” transforms the joyful, happiness meaning of “yellow”. This tells us that the monster has animalistic features, which also tells us that the monster doesn’t operate as we do. I would argue that this is an effective way to start off the opening chapter as it builds up a lot of tension, making the ready feel ‘edgy’. The audience will now, after reading the quotation, will want to find out about this mysterious monster, which leaves the reader curious of what is coming up next in the novel.

On the other hand, ‘Great Expectations’ opening paragraph is different to ‘Frankenstein’ as the atmosphere created is more welcoming. “My Father’s family name being Pirrip and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing more explicit than Pip”. Pip comes to a decision on what he wants people to call him; this tells us that he is an orphan. Straight away, in the first sentence, we know whose story we are following as the grand author Charles Dickens introduces the main character to the audience. The first sentence of the novel seems welcoming for us as readers, who want to know more about this boy named ‘Pip’. This opening sentence creates a very sorrow atmosphere as we know how difficult it would be to be in ‘Pip’s” situation.


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