Features of Bill Clinton’s Obituary Essay (Article)

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Obituaries are statements of information that follows a person’s death. They offer a brief biography of an individual for public knowledge. This paper seeks to offer a feature obituary of Bill Clinton. The paper will rely on existing published information about the subject for comprehensive review of his biography.

Bill Clinton’s feature obituary

It is with deep sorrow and humility that we announce the death of William Jefferson Bill Clinton. The former president of the United States passed away today at six hours local time. Though the exact cause of his death has not been confirmed, Bill is suspected to have succumbed to a heart failure. This is because he was previously diagnosed with a number of cardio vascular complications and has always been on medication.

Career achievements

Bill Clinton, as he was popularly known in the political field, made his achievements as a politician and a leader. He will also be remembered as a dedicated “scholar, teacher, politician, and a reformer” (Metz, p. 13). These features particularly contributed to Bill’s success as the governor for Arkansas.

During this period, Bill Clinton instituted measures to ensure that education was highly prioritized in his state and the entire nation. His success as a governor is an indicator to his political achievements that followed (Metz, p. 13).

Clinton’s highest career achievement was later realized in the year 1993 when he was elected as the United States president. In his capacity as the president, Jefferson succeeded in leading the nation through a political transition from cold war that had been a milestone to the United States history.

Though his presidency was marred with media reports of failed leadership, he was a successful leader and was highly regarded by public opinion ratings. His career as a leader was as well felt after his presidency. He continually involved in the global fight against HIV and in initiatives to promote peace in conflict inflicted areas (Mobilereference, n.p.; Genovese, p. 99).

Life history

William Clinton was born to Jefferson Blyth and Virginia Dell on 19 August in the year 1964. His father, who was a resident of Hope, was a businessperson and was in constant travelling encounters. Blyth died in a road accident before Bill Clinton was born.

His mother later got married to Roger Clinton and Bill was enrolled in “St. John’s Catholic Elementary School, Ramble Elementary School, and Hot Springs high school” all in his locality of Hope in Arkansas. He was actively involved in leadership and rugby (Mobilereference, n.p.).

It was however in the year 1963 that Bill derived his inspiration and will, to be actively involved in politics. This decision was influenced by his visit to the white house where he met the then president, J. F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther’s speech of ‘I have a dream’ that was delivered in the same year and popularized by the then media.

He later joined Georgetown University and graduated in the year 1968 with a science degree in foreign services. He got married to Rodman in the year 1972 with whom he had one daughter, Chelsea and began his active political career in the year 1978 when he was elected to govern the state of Arkansas.

Though Bill contemplated contesting for presidency in the year 1988, he withdrew his candidature and was later to win the seat in 1992 for two consecutive terms. He had a brother and his career life included legal practice (Mobilereference, n.p.).


Bill Clinton will be remembered for his leadership abilities that he demonstrated even in difficult times of negative public criticism.

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