Fahrenheit 451 Is A Fiction Book

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

Many people of our generation are being addicted to things that are digital. They are wasting time either watching television or playing video games and they never have time to spare about their feelings with their love or families. Ray Bradbury shows a perfect example of how this generation technology has impacted everyone day by day. Fahrenheit 451 is a fiction book that was written in 1953 after World war 2. This is a society where people don’t have to a time to spare with there families. Where people have been completely surrounding themselves with the television world. But Montag started questioning himself why people on the earth are so addicted to these things and started searching meaning in life. Through Mildred addiction on T.V and Montag’s experiences and struggles, Ray Bradbury emphasizes that in life don’t waste your time buy loving those who doesn’t love you and we need to learn how to dump those people in time before it’s already too late, no matter if it’s your wife or best friend.

During his conversation with Clarisse Montag’s mind opened when Clarisse asked a question in an indirect way about his life. She questions Montag regarding his situation and asks him, “Are you happy.”But in reality, he was facing a big problem as his wife was surrounded by a virtual world and refuses to engage in conversation about their relationship or emotions with her husband. Although Montag really didn’t think about her question, later on, he started questioning himself “Am I happy”. Afterward, he started noticing his wife’s weird behavior. Who has been already crossed out the addiction habits day by day and attracted to the digital world. He knew something was lacking in his life which made him unhappy. Sometimes in our life, we need friends and supporters that can help us to think about our life that we are living in. Although they can remind you to think about our situation, they can also help you to bring good habits that you don’t have.

Having met with Clarisse and spoken about their lives. They became so close and they were really comfortable to ask a question to each other. When Clarisse talks about “reading” a book, that sound was probably new to Montag because he never thinks of reading because his society has been burning books, thinking that books are enemies. As a friend relationship, Clarisse gave him the advice to read a book afterward. As he admitted that reading books could help him to understand what’s wrong with society nowadays, whereas people have chosen the digital world rather than their families or love, especially to his wife. Who is always refuges to engage in conversation, and choose to immerse herself in the virtual world. After reading several books Montag started noticing something, to share this he talked with Faber and says to him, “we have everything to be happy, but we’re not happy”. Montag’s conversation with his best friend shows how he has become more aware of the world and started to compare the book to the world. From that day Guy Montag got inspired to read the book and gain a piece of knowledge, in order to help to get society and his wife out of the digital world. Montag’s love life changes and his view of society is changed too. Although Clarisse gave his best to help Montag to escape his current situation and think differently about the world he lives in, he still had to make his own choices for himself.

Everything was going well in his life and he was on the right track. After Clarisse left him Montag’s life changed a lot, as he started getting difficulty over his life, he doesn’t know what to do where to go all he thought about was Clarisse and her question that they used to ask each other. As Montag begins to enjoy his rare moment and conversation with Clarisse, until one day she fades away. Montag starts to think about her wellbeing after not seeing Clarisse for so many days. As Mildred tells Montag that Clarisse has died in a car accident, Montag explicitly stunned and started feeling like its probably the end of the world. “I went around doing one thing and feeling another” Montag’s chats with his friend Faber, Bradbury emphasizes that how Montag has fallen love deeply with Clarisse and how he is becoming hopeless day by day in his life thinking all the time to Clarisse question, who always became Montag supporter during his tough time. Therefore, having a bad relationship with an addictive wife, Clarisse motivates Montag to find the meaning in life.

When being around people and caring for them, they may not feel the same and that could damage your relationship. Bradbury shows readers through Montag’s problems in his life that we have to keep move on our lives. We have to learn how to leave them or dump them in a time who doesn’t support you during your tough times. Who doesn’t want to spare time with you about the marriage or feelings, and still wants to watch television continually. What’s the point of keeping loving those who literally don’t care about you. If Montag already dumps his wife on time, he already would have grown rapidly in his life.              


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