Facebook Ethics Aspects Essay

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Business ethics revolves around ensuring that various moral and ethical principles in business environments are adhered to. This is because there are distinct and diverse ethical issues and problems that can arise in a given business environment or surrounding (Bradburn 2001, p. 9). As much as business ethics applies to all issues that are supposed to be undertaken by businesses, they are expected to guide the general conduct of individuals and organizations at a given period of time (Handy 2002, p. 12).

It should be known that there are various approaches to business ethics. This means that they might always vary depending on the prevailing circumstances at that particular time (Handy 2002, p. 13). As a matter of fact, the whole aspect of business ethics has come out as a vital corporate practice that all organizations are supposed to carry out.

Facebook ethics is a very complex and diverse issue that has emerged in recent years. This is because of the popularity that the social networking site has gained as time goes by (Hoffman 2008, p. 13). As a matter of fact, it is a major branch of philosophy. In this case, it revolves around the right conduct of individuals as they socialize on the social networking site. In a broad perspective, people on the networking site are supposed to carry out themselves by observing the expected code of conduct.

From my own point of view, Facebook is unethical as far as the whole aspect of ethics is concerned. This is because the social networking site has changed many things in our society (Hoffman 2008, p. 17). As much as change is acceptable, there are various issues that need to be looked at as far as ethical issues are concerned. This can be looked at from the general societal and business ethical point of view.


Business ethics can be used to evaluate a business or organization as far as economic issues are concerned. This will therefore give a true reflection and picture of the business in the society (Handy 2002, p. 16). It should be known that business ethics is very important in the society. This is based on the fact that some businesses have been known to be unethical in recent years. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of evidence to support this argument that there are unethical business practices going around the corporate scene.

As much as businesses and people operate in a natural and social environment, they are supposed to observe business and societal ethics. Because they exist in diverse and distinct environments, they are supposed to be accountable for their actions (Goree 2007, p. 13). As a matter of fact, they are duty bound to be accountable as time goes by. This will give them the positive image that they need in the society that they operate in.

It should be known that various businesses have their own goals and objectives that they are supposed to fulfill and get at the end of the day. Therefore, irrespective of this pressure, they should not deviate from acceptable business ethics and practices (Hoffman 2008, p. 19). This therefore gives businesses a reason to be ethical in their operations. Businesses are supposed to be ethical because whatever they do generally affects various stakeholders in the society.

As a mater of fact, the existence of businesses depends on good and ethical behavior. In this case, the emergence of multinationals has been the reason why the whole issue and aspect of business ethics has gained prominence in recent years (Goree 2007, p. 14). This has been brought about by the urge for high trust and the development of face to face businesses.

Facebook ethics revolves around the right conduct of individuals on the social networking site. In this case, Facebook ethics is guided by various principles that are supposed to be adhered to. As a mater of fact, they are supposed to exercise sound judgment when they are going about there activities (Stone 2008, p. 21). This includes networking and being in touch with friends. Therefore, individuals ought to be highly moral in all their undertakings.

There have been various efforts to define Facebook ethics because some people have misused the site for their own private gains. As much as Facebook has been a good advancement in technology, it is vital for people and various stakeholders to look at ethical issues for sustainability (Hoffman 2008, p. 26).

From my own point of view, Facebook is unethical. This is based on various issues that have arisen as time goes by. As a matter of fact, people have breached ethics while networking (Stone 2008, p. 27). In this case, there are various instances of unethical behavior that have come out of the social networking site. People have always posted bad pictures that are not supposed to be exposed in public. In extreme cases, people have been engaging in illegal business because there are no control measures to regulate such activities.

Unethical behavior can also be witnessed in the posting of bad and nasty comments that might cause pain to others (Stone 2008, p. 29). As a matter of fact, such comments have raised a lot of anxiety yet they can not be verified for authenticity. In this case, some comments cause a lot pain to other users with serious implications. Because other users can access an individual’s wall, they have ended up posting unnecessary statements with no concern for privacy.

Privacy is very important but Facebook has not made an effort to protect its user’s privacy because its security measures are not sophisticated. Some people end up discussing insensitive topics on Facebook thereby irritating others (Stone 2008, p. 31). This is because the site has many users with distinct and diverse backgrounds that can not be easily understood by different users.

Some of these topics revolve around sexuality, politics and religion (Hoffman 2008, p. 34). The idea of tagging people on Facebook is not ethical because some of those pictures are always irritating. As far as ethics is concerned, people are not supposed to lie, but some users have always cheated around to obtain information from others on Facebook.


Because Facebook has continued to attract a lot of people and users, ethical issues are supposed to be reinforced or dealt with for long term sustainability. Ethical issues are very important in our society because they guide our daily lives (Handy 2002, p. 17). In this case, we are supposed to make individual ethical decisions as we relate with distinct and diverse people in the society.

As a matter of fact, there are general business ethics that every individual, business and organization is expected to follow. Businesses are supposed to take care of shareholders interests but this underlying fact is not justifiable for them to be unethical in their operations (Bradburn 2001, p. 15). Good and ethical behavior is a personal decision that we are supposed to make as we relate with others.

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