Expression Of Love In Never Let Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel, Never Let Me Go, is an enthusiastic novel that strongly depicts various roles particularly that of love. However, the love expressed by the author is slightly different. While trauma is a live experienced by the donors, they are able to express their love even through the complicated situation. The students are still to keep good relations even with traumatic fate Kathy’s behavior is a testimony to love to her colleagues. The students have less time to survive but they still create time to happy and experience love. Kathy claims that she has been a carer for over a decade. She is proud to be a Care and she is proud of her work. Despite the circumstances surrounding Kathy, she still finds a reason to live. Kathy takes time to love and mend all her relationships. Kathy claims that they have not had the best relations with her friend Ruth but she made efforts to make everyone happy. For instance, she takes Tommy apology seriously after he hurt her. She terms the hitting as an accident and moves on.

The book begins with uneasy relationships as the physical bodies of the characters do not belong to them but to donation. Form the beginning, Kathy, the protagonist is seen as a love chaser. Despite their fate, Kathy seems to reach to all her friends such as the troubled Tommy and Ruth. Kathy is always available when Tommy is throwing tantrums and determined to help him overcome his rage and concentrate on their course. Love is used as a way to scape ill fate for Kathy and her peers. The idea to donate organs is distressing for the candidates particularly Tom. As such, People felt like Tommy was not a Hail sham student and was always alienated from other students. When Ruth destroys her relationship with Tom, Kathy picked him up and fell in love especially after accepting their destiny.

Hail sham is the glue that binds the students together thus even when they fall out, they are together by their history and experiences. There are moments when Ruth hurts Kathy greatly. During their lives at the Hail sham, Ruth often ignore Kathy or even humiliates her openly. In fact, she leaves the cottage to be a Carer. However, Kathy becomes Ruth’s carer and the love for each other is rekindled. Kathy states” She already had a carer to her at the time and I remember taking a bit of nerve on my part. But in the end, I managed it, and the instant I saw her again at the recovery center in Dover, all our differences did not matter”. Love is a complicated theme in the book. Kathy is almost reaching the climax of her life. Ruth seems to have lost everyone in her life and all she held were memories from Hail sham. The story shows Kathy loss for love. She hopes to delay the donation process and death as well. Even the death nears, Kathy is able to express love to Tommy who had already donated his organs. Kathy is able to cope with losses in her life like the loss of her friend’s Tommy and Ruth.

The author emphasizes on the desire to hold on hence the Title “never let me go”. It was impossible for Kathy to forget the love she had experienced from Hail sham even after the facility was closed down. Kathy’s way to hold memories shows how complicated love can be. With memories, Kathy is able to hold essential memories of her love life. For instance, Kathy claims “So I reached forward and put a hand on his arm. Afterwards, the others thought he’d meant to do it, but I was pretty sure it was unintentional. His arms were still flailing about, and he wasn’t to know I was about to put out my hand. Anyway, as he threw up his arm, he knocked my hand aside and hit the side of my face”. Love is the reason why Kathy could not let go of Gilsham memories.

Love is a genuine feeling but it is tragic when people pretend to love. The theme of presence is seen throughout the novel. Hailsham is a place where clones are used as donors. Bearing in mind, the name of the place has the word “Sham” which means fake. The students were meant to believe their course for donation was out of love for the world. However, information regarding the donation were confidential. The students were also scared about their lives and as they grow older, they start looking for love and dreaming about their future. For the sake of love, Kathy dreamed of working in an office and often thought of deferral. The truth regarding their course in life could have saved the students a lot of fantasies that messed up with their current life.

As a child, Kathy loved listening to a tape by Judy Bridgewater. Her favorite song “Never let me go”, signifies the depth of love Kathy cherished and the fear of losing the people she cared for. The song delivers a clear message about loss. The song is about a woman who is scared of losing her baby hence she holds the child tightly. This theme comes so many times in the novel. Kathy is separated from her friends. Once when they discovered that donations could not be delayed. In this case, Kathy held on tight to Tommy. Also, Kathy is engulfed by sadness when he losses the tape. From the book, it is clear that love is inevitable. Loved seemed impossible for Kathy and her friends since they were not fully humans. Further, Kathy’s life belonged to other people but this did not prevent them from falling in love. Kathy kept her friends Ruth closer and still carries their memories even after their death. Love is a deep feeling which makes Kathy and Tommy to think of delaying the donation process to extend their love for one another.


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