Ethics in Psychological Research Research Paper

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Define ethics

As far as the definition of ethics is concerned, it revolves around general norms of behavior. This means that it can be used to differentiate between good and bad conduct. In this case, it can be evaluated in relation to some behavior which might be either acceptable or non-acceptable. When looked at from a psychological point of view, ethics can be termed as a procedure, method, or perspective.

This means that they are aspects that ca be employed to ensure that people act in relation to specific policies and principles. In fact, they are codes that are always set aside by different organizations and more so professional associations where they will generally guide their conduct as they go about with their activities (Research Animal Resources, 2011, p. 9).

It should be known that various codes have also tried to explain the whole aspect of animal care in relation to established ethical principles.

In this case, good ethics (as far as researchers are concerned) should ensure that proper care and respect is given to animas whenever they are used in research. This means that there should be proper planning that will ensure that animal research is successful. Various organizations have been formed to conduct and guide animal research meaning that there should be good relations to uphold ethics.

It should be known that there is a committee that deals with animal research meaning that it has established some guidelines. Most of these guidelines revolve around protecting the general interests for animals that will be used in research (Liao, 2010, p. 6).

In fact, the psychological association has also established ethics which should be always adhered to when using animals. This means that psychologists should be fully aware of these guidelines. Values and ethics are very important in animal research and this is because results will benefit both humans and animals.

Discuss the concept of risk/benefit ratio

It is undeniable that animals have been used successfully to predict different outcomes. This is mostly in relation to data that will be found in different animal specimens. These aspects are life threatening acts which can explain why care is supposed to be taken. Results which might be obtained from the test of animals are not supposed to be transferred based on different model organisms.

In a broad perspective, it can be said that risks that animals are exposed to should be balanced with other benefits that will be enjoyed by both humans and animals. Morals and good ethics should ensure that animals will not be exposed to any risks through proper experiments.

Diseases commonly found in animal models differ with those ones found in human beings, and, this means that researchers should concentrate on aspects which might qualify to look like human diseases (Research Animal Resources, 2011, p. 2). The similarity of human beings and animals can be stressed upon based on models in relation to human psychology. In fact, different experiments can be questioned in relation to these similarities.

Animals should not be exposed to inhuman treatment in the name of trying to discover something in relation to research. This is because the benefits that will be accrued or realized should not in any way justify mistreatment. Just the fact that we have various aspects of experiments like addiction or maternal deprivation means that they should be done in a humane manner to avoid any risks (Liao, 2010, p. 9).

This is because some of these risks can be avoided to get good benefits from psychological research. In this case, researchers should not inflict harm and distress to animals that will be used in experiments. Nonhuman primates can be effectively used in alcohol and drug experiments which ultimately require good care.

Desired effects and outcomes in different experiments can be found in various ways, but they should be as human as possible to avoid any disaster. This means that they should not be forced to exist in unnatural environment in the name of research because this is not ethical.

Use of animals in psychological research

As years have gone by, the number of animals which might be used in research has not been given proper authentication. This means that it is very substantial as the general field of psychology is concerned. In this case, the use of different animals is determined by the experiment in question. Various experiments have been done on animals which could result in very distressful incidences (Liao, 2010, p. 14).

For instance, it should be known that addiction experiments might be painful in relation to the general science of behaviors. Many other aspects like food deprivation and brain damage that always seek to understand how the human bran works requires caution.

In fact, the behavior of human beings can be assessed from these experiments in a broad way. To come up with good results, animals undergo tremendous experiments that seek to know the human mind structure.

Animals have been used to carry out a lot of research that has ended up assisting human beings in a broad way. As a mater of fact, human disorders have been understood for long-term sustainability because of their direct implication. Psychologists have questioned continually the use of animals in different research activities that is based on various aspects.

In this case, the value of using animals in research will continue attracting attention as time goes by. It should be known that behavioral research relies on specific aspects of models that may differ in animals which is expected.

Notwithstanding, some researchers have not paid attention to such aspects and which explains why psychologists have questioned their use (Research Animal Resources, 2011, p. 6). The use of animals in research should not be criticized but experiments should continually be done on ethical grounds.

Evaluate the impact of your selected issue on psychological research

It is undeniable that animals are used to test various aspects of human behavior like addiction, which is a fact. Many psychological behaviors have been discovered as a result of animal experimental studies. Most of these studies are induced to imitate different human conditions which will continue playing a big role in psychological research for long- term sustainability (Research Animal Resources, 2011, p. 4).

Different aspects of human behavior have been understood from the date that has been found in these experiments that is a good signal. Various organizations have come up with different and diverse guidelines that guide the use of animals in research, and this will form the basis of research in coming years.

In fact, the American Psychological Association has insisted that the wellbeing of animals should be taken care of (Liao, 2010, p. 33). The scope of knowledge has been widened as a result of animal research that will ultimately help to understand the human mind.

Previous experiments that had been done before will continue acting as a basis upon which other animal experiments will be built on. As human beings, we have benefited from animal research which is fact. Medication has come from animal experiments and other human problems will be solved as time goes by.

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