Ethical Dilemma at the CornCo Company Essay

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Providing questionable products to foreign countries

Business ethics are obligations that the management of a business should follow in doing business activities. Reflectively, when a business fails to follow these obligations, ethical dilemmas are likely to occur and negatively affect such the business (Bustin 24). Based on the code of ethics, the management of a business should exercise integrity. In the case of the CornCo Company, providing questionable products to foreign markets betrays the trust that customers have on products or companies that supply them.

The decision to sell such products to foreign markets is a sign of neglecting the written rules of engagement and expected behavior in business (Bustin 28). The management teams who conspire to sell questionable products to foreign markets are guilty of negative allegiance to the culture of morality in their management authority.

Suggestions submitted

Business ethics are presented as influenced by internal and external factors which when improperly aligned, result in an ethical dilemma. The main contributory factors to ethical dilemmas in the business environment include personal feelings and thoughts that are improper, especially on self-concept, motivation, attitudes, emotions and perceptions. These should be controlled and aligned with the moral of the company.

It’s just wrong to use this corn

An ethical decision can be defined as a decision with moral and legal appeal to the wider community. The aspect of commitment is a crucial element in examining ethicality of a decision.

In precision, for these decisions to hold and be positively assimilated into the market environment, a series of tests are carried out by gathering facts and incorporating them in defined issues surrounding ethics to test the consciousness in application. The aspect of competency is critical in separating the premises from assumptions in making ethical decisions. Thus, the suggestion is ethical since it considers the moral value of doing business (Ferrell, John and Linda 289).

Process it and ship it off to Mexico

The dual pillar approach to ethical leadership comprises of a combination of moral being and moral management skills. The combination of the two aspects is critical in building ethical leadership reputation since executive responsibility functions on moral codes that promote proactive leadership.

Processing the questionable corn and shipping it to Mexico would be a temporary solution with long negative impact on the company (Ferrell, John and Linda 289). In fact, it may destroy the CornCo’s external market since customers will opt for other alternatives. Besides, it is the responsibility of the management team at the CornCo to give the customers quality products. This suggestion would betray the elements of trust between the company and the market.

Use the corn we all get laid off

This suggestion is often used as an excuse to commit ethical crimes. Though the suggestion has a face value and an immediate appeal to the current dilemmas of the CornCo Company, its adoption will disrupt the market since customers will eventually find alternative when they realize that the company sells substandard corn. In the end, the company will close down and all the employees will be laid off.

Current Pressures

The first pressure within the CornCo Company is competition from one of the companies that have penetrated its market. Besides, the company has the need to maintain profit levels despite the high cost of production. In addition, the company has to continue operating without having to lay off the employees (Ferrell, John and Linda 289).

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