Enterprise Inc.’s Structure, Mission, Ethics Report

September 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Company Profile and History

Enterprise Inc. is a family-owned and family-run business. It started its operations in 1957. It has been in operation for over 50 years. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson have passed on the mantle of leadership to their children. They remained the principal shareholders. The current Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Pam Nicholson.

The company deals with transportation. It started with only seven cars. The company has grown over the years. It is now one of the world’s largest transportation service providers. Enterprise Inc. now has more than 1.5 Million vehicles assigned to various customers. It has a head office in St. Louis in the state of Missouri. It has operations in more than 70 countries in the world. The company has also employed over 90, 000 workers. The report is an investigation on Enterprise Inc. to find information that enables one to choose to work for the company.

The Structure

Enterprise Inc has a Board of Directors at the top. The family has five members with executive roles. The Chief Executive Officer is also part of the board. The CEO is in charge of the company operations and executes the board’s decisions. The management includes the Chief Accountant, the Human Resource Manager, the Transport Manager and the Sales and Marketing Manager. All the other employees serve under these managers according to their roles. It also has branch executives and staff in over 50 countries.

Company Mission

The company wants to be the best transportation service provider in the world. It would also exceed the customers’ expectations for service, quality, and value. The company provides an enabling environment for its employees. They have the opportunity to share their ideas.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Enterprise Inc. has always worked with the communities where it has its operations. It has also partnered with various medical institutions to offer free and or affordable medical services to patients suffering from various communicable diseases. It has also contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to local non-profit organizations in the communities. Enterprise will plant 50 million trees within the next 50 years.


Enterprise offers opportunities to students and graduates to practice their skills before official employment. It has a lot of internship programs, such as Management Trainee summer intern, Sales Management Trainee Intern, Summer Accounting Intern, Enterprise CarShare Intern, and others. I like the Summer Accounting package. It requires a minimum of 10 weeks during the summer of 2016. I will have closed school. All the internships have roles and responsibilities. For the accounting intern, the responsibilities include:

  • • Assist in preparing financial statement & analysis
  • • Work closely with rental branches and other departments
  • • Assist accounting managers; cash receipts & petty cash
  • • Assist in accounting schedules & filing
  • • Perform miscellaneous administrative duties as needs arise

The location of 2016 summer accounting interns is at Windsor Lacks, Connecticut. Commitment and passion enable one to proceed with the internship program. It is enjoyable because it provides one with practical skills and knowledge on the job.

Recommendation and Conclusion

Enterprise has achieved significant milestones in its growth. The company has moved on with technological achievements and has managed to cut a niche in the market. It remunerates its workers well and is one of the best-paying employers. It has numerous applications for job and internship offers. Therefore, the chance of one ever working there is slim unless one has excellent qualifications and is determined to go through the tedious process.

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