Ender’s Game: The Fragility of Innocence

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

Ender’s Game was written in 1985 by Orson Scott Card is a science fiction novel. The book came another story with the same title, published in 1977. Orson Scott Card later wrote more books to create the Ender’s Game series. The final edited Ender’s Game was released in 1991, fixing some political facts to fit into the generation. Themes of the book show affection, antagonism, toughness and fearlessness. Card’s novel brings to life the story of child genius Ender Wiggin, who must save the world from wicked alien ‘buggers. ‘. It is a tale defined by a sense of both tragic certainty and cold irony.

For once it is not about a child’s growth of adulthood and knowledge, when most are with a young protagonist. Instead it shows a message of how innocence can be destroyed and mislead by others. Ender is spirited and determined but his attitude towards others changes as he progresses through the Battle School. He finds peace and free spirit with his sister Valentine. On the opposite side however, Peter (Enders brother) is less friendly. Even he terrorizes Valentine. For the most part everyone at the Battle School behave differently. Some are friendly, some are more than unfriendly. However all of them manage to create unrealistic relationships still concerning Ender.

This novel works from its first page all the way to its last. Ender’s game has a creative form of storytelling and has put in the descriptions fairly fittingly. For instance as a method of getting the attention of the reader he places an unknown narrator at the start of every chapter to raise the tenacity. It is only extremely progressively that the readers become aware as too what and who they are. There was also nonlinear narrating implemented to switch between the battle school and Enders family on earth. In spite of that however, this could sometimes be confusing when it occurred in the middle of a chapter and could be quite unclear. The Battle Station is clear of there plan, fight the buggers. On the other hand they are never clear to Ender of there methods. The longer Ender progresses the more everything becomes clear to him. He realizes there are no rules and that everything there is last ditch. Ender’s Game examines the power of manipulation and Ender experiences that first hand.

Card analyzes how quickly and unknowingly people can find themselves played. As a consequence even if you were to be aware how problematic it can be to get out. This book would be recommended for anyone 13 and upward as the language is slightly strong and could be moderately complex for younger readers. Be that as it may i would say not many people over 16 would enjoy its unrealistic social environment.

Though It could also be interesting for people into science fiction or human behaviour. Ender’s game is actionpacked and turns an average everyday morning, into a lunch court brawl. It can be one of those books to make you sit and think once you are done and constantly throws you into the unknown. It seems like cards message was shown through his story telling of the buggers in war and how it unlike the battle school, is no simulation.


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