Emotional Turmole in Frankenstein

May 28, 2020 by Essay Writer

Emotions are the energy that undermines people’s actions; while their mind is irrational and lucid, everyone is subjected to emotions. In Mary Wollstonecraft’s novel Frankenstein, she displays how Dr. Victor Frankenstein and the Monster experience a variety of emotions , feelings of Shame, Happiness, and Pain are all felt by the two main characters as they venture throughout the story. Victor Frankenstein and the monster both experience shame.

For example when Victor illustrates shame is when he decides to create an animated monster but was cared of his own creation, once his monster sprung to life.

Victor saw the monsters pale yellow skin and monstrous eight feet high and was disgusted by it and was shamed of what he created. He abandoned his creation hoping it would disappear. Another example of when Victor shows shame was when Victor’s life was threatened by the monster because the monster wanted a female friend and forced Victor to create another monster.

Victor starts to build on the monster in a remote island in Scotland but is ashamed his own selfishness; building another monster to save imself when the monster could case destruction and death on other humans Just like how his original creation killed his brother, William Frankenstein died.

In anger at himself he tears up his half created monster. The monster also shows shame. The monster shows shame when he looks into the water of the pond and sees his own reflection and exclaims in agony “Why did you form a monster so hideous” (93).

The monster realizes that he is hideous and is ashamed of himself. He is then struck with anger and seeks revenge on Victor for giving him a repulsive face. Another example when he demonstrates shame was when he passed by the town and the people would shriek and hit him. Learning from that experience he did not go into town again and became ashamed of himself so he hid in the forest, sheltering himself in the dirt hovel that was next to the cottage of the DeLacey family. Victor and the monster also experienced happiness but it doesn’t last long.

The first time Victor was ever truly happy was when he was a child and he was also content when he was with his girlfriend and soon to be wife, Elizabeth Lavenza. Another moment of happiness for Victor was when he finished his creation that he has been working on for two years. He describes it as “Beautiful! -Great God!… his teeth of pearly whiteness… ” (35). The monster shows happiness too when he is around nature, he appreciates and is happy with nature because nature is the only thing that doesn’t make insult him for his looks.

His was also blissful when he demanded Victor to make him a mate and Victor agreed. Victor and the monster additionally feel pain; emotionally and physically. Victor first feels emotional pain when his mom and his best friend Henry died. Victor undergoes emotional pain when Justine was executed and Victor becomes increasingly melancholy. He considers suicide but restrains himself by thinking of Elizabeth and his father. Another example is when Felix DeLacey hits the monster Molently with a stick” (97) in fear that the monster will harm his family .

The monster suffers pain when he is like a newborn, still clue less to the new world he is in and decides to touch he tire that is warm and soothing. He soon discovers the tlames could burn his hands. The monster also goes through emotional pain when Victor Frankenstein dies and the monster cries for him because the monster has no purpose in life and is emotionally frustrated. Both characters experience a series of emotions and have each changed emotions in comparison this are very similar yet they are very different. As both characters experienced pain, happiness, and shame it greatly affected their lives and how they behaved to each other.

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