Editorial: Tommy Hester, a Banker with Heart

April 13, 2021 by Essay Writer

Kathleen Eichelberger Mrs. Seaman English 1016 January 2018The Ugly Side of Adultery As a member of the Puritan community, adultery is a large issue. The idea that someone would go against their morals for lust is horrid, however the way we act upon this issue is even worse. The women in the community are treated with such disrespect towards the actions they do. Not only are the women treated like dirt, but their children are mistreated by their fellow peers. I recently heard about the case with Mrs. Hester Prynne. I think that it was wrong that she was treated the way she was terrible. Although she did commit adultery, I think that the townspeople really made her life terrible. I do agree, however with how the church handled the situation. I think that it was good that you put her away for her crime, but it is just appalling that even the church would publicly embarrass someone like that. I want to adduce you as to why this is terrible.

As a parent myself, I would be mortified if I found out my child was treating another like that. God must be our single interest in these times, and publicly announcing someone’s sin is of a great thing to do. Adultery is an odious occurrence, however I still believe that this is not the correct way to handle the situation. You can’t help who you love. In the recent case of Hester Prynne, she fell in love with a man whom she shouldn’t have. Because of this, She had a child, and was punished. Although all of this happened, Hester never acted out. She accepted what was being done to her and she never fought back. Your idea of justice is almost a machination! God would not accept this behavior, for all who think this is just is evil in my eyes. I don’t mean to delude yo with my ideas, but this is just what I think. I am extremely perverse in my thoughts and the village needs to know the truth. Who says that I can’t love who I want. In our world now, we don’t marry who we love. We are forced to marry people who we are not attracted to at all just because they can support the other. I believe that Hester did what she did because she had a husband who she didn’t love, and she wanted to love someone who she really cared about.

In our Puritanical society today, we are forced to love people we don’t love, we are treated with plenty of disrespect, and we think public humiliation is okay. Our society is not great in many ways, and the townspeople choose to ignore what is true. I believe that we need to put the truth in front of us and take a good look at what our society has become and what will happen if we don’t make changes.

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