Edgar Allen Poe and Gothic Literature

July 30, 2020 by Essay Writer

Edgar Allan Poe embodies the gothic movement through his dark, eerie writings. Edgar Allan Poe has many pieces but in my opinion his best pieces are; Berenice , The Imp of the Perverse. Edgar was born in Boston Massachusetts on January 19, 1809. Edgar Allan Poe suffered from several mental illnesses.

I personally think Edgar Allan Poe’s most gothic type pieces are Berenice and The Imp of Perverse. Berenice is a story about obsession, Egneus married his cousin Berenice and soon becomes uncomfortably obsessed with his cousin’s teeth. I personally think this piece is scary because, Egneus marries his cousin who he doesn’t want, but Berenice secretly desires to be with him regardless of them being family. Another very dark piece from Edgar Allan Poe is The Imp of Perverse in this story Edgar expresses his self destructive impulses. Edgar explains he believes The Imp of Perverse causes people to result in mischief. The last piece is The Raven where the unknown narrator’s beloved passed after and he is seeking to relief his sorrow over the loss. Most of Edgar’s pieces are dark and eerie with a much deeper meaning within them. In conclusion I believe that all of Edgar Allan Poe’s pieces are a prime example of the Gothic Movement through their; dark, eerie, unexplainable meanings.

Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston Massachusetts, Poe’s parents were professional actors who unfortunately deceased when he was only three years old. Edgar was later taken in by a wealthy family who were, John Allan, and his wife Virginia. One of Edgar’s main influences was a British poet Lord Byron who was Poe’s hero when he was a child. Edgar’s parents sent him off to college with only a fraction needed for tuition due to the lack of funds Poe took on gambling as a source of income. By the end of Poe’s first semester he’s was tremendously poor that he lit his furniture on fire to keep warm. Poverty was slowly destroying Poe’s life, not only was he facing dispar but he also faced humiliation due to poverty, he had to drop out of school and return to Richmond. Poe went back to Richmond to his fiancee only to find out she had became engaged to another man, this left Edgar heart broken. To conclude Poe’s early life all the events he faced led him to decide that he wanted to be a poet as well as encounter adventure.

Although Edgar Allan Poe’s is an incredible writer he also suffered from several neurological disorders. Poe suffered from depression and he was also known to be schizophrenic. Edgar would foretell his illnesses through his illnesses through his works. Poe’s work suggested a bipolar disorder as well as alcohol and drug abuse. These disorders Poe suffered from could have happen due to all the events and obstacles he endured throughout his early life. Poe faced extreme poverty and humiliation that led him to drop out of school as well as finding out his fiancee had gotten engaged to another man these events could have permanently scarred him. Edgar Allan Poe eventually died from what seemed to be a brain tumor which did in fact affect his behavior before his death. Poe endured a pretty harsh life, Poe died and was buried in an unmarked grave in Baltimore.

Edgar Allan Poe as well as his works are a prime example of the gothic movement through his dark, eerie writings. Poe suffered from many events throughout his lifetime that scarred him, but without those events his pieces wouldn’t be so incredible, his suffering turned him into this amazing poet which influenced many writers.

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