Edgar Allan Poe Bioscript

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January 19, 1809, this was the time of birth to the creator of detective fiction, the alcoholic gambler, and literary pioneer, Edgar Allan Poe. With his birth came a new era for literature. An era filled with happiness, sorrow, and success.

His birth parents, Elizabeth and David Poe, despite them being his parents there relevance would fade when his care fell to the Allans. This was due to his deceased mother and fathers abandonment, one year later. This sparked his tramatuce life and poor decisions with alcohol and gambling. Which then lead to his lifelong struggle with depression. Even though the Allan’s treated Edgar as their own, he didn’t feel as though he belonged. At the age of six Edgar temporarily moved to Scotland with his parents and attended Irvine Old Grammar school, then switched to Manor House boarding school for eight years. After he attended the University of Virginia. He then started drinking heavily and quickly became in debt. Attempting to attain money from John Allan results with no sympathy and anger at Poe for dropping out of school With no money left he had to quit school and join the army in Boston.

After the death of Mrs.Allan he returns home. It is only them when he and his father make amends and his fathers sponsors his attendance to West Point. This endeavor was quickly put to death when he realized he was in no shape to participate .He dilbritley got kicked out of West Point in 1831. Following his recent pattern of dramatic decisions, he becomes a full time writer and literary critic after struggling to make a living for several years.Seaking the help of Mr.Allan again results in no aid. Trying to support himself, he submits stories to magazines and is rejected again and again. In this time his adopted father dies leaving nothing to Poe in his will.

In 1835 after winning a literary contest he lands a job as an editor of the Southern Literary Messenger . He began looking for a job to support his newly wed wife who was his thirteen year old cousin. Despite this being negatively viewed on in modern times having a wife( despite her being thirteen and being related) it served as a source of encouragement for finding a job. Poe’s complete lack of mercy when criticizing made him many enemies but the controversy attracted higher rates of purchase so he was allowed to continue. Poes contervitionalailty in criticism gained him such a high raise in awareness that he felt over qualified for Richmond so he left for New York. Within a duration of two years Poe publishes two more books the first Ligeria and the second which was published a year after the firstThe fall of the house of usher.After that publication he published Tales of the grotesque and arabesque . The Fall of the House of Usher was one of his most famous works and gave momentum to his career. This momentum led to his birth to the detective fiction genre. Its creation was phausable through the publishment of The Murders in the Rue Morgue which surpassed The Fall of the House of Usher in achievement to its name.Both works had popularity and were the start to his name once shadowed but when the works it authored were read it was envied by all. Poe’s life shifts before his next notable work is published.

In New York he began working for a new magazine called Rams. He published Murders in the Rue Morgue the magazine had an additional 34000 in circulation within a year of Murders in the Rue Morgues’ publication. This brought him praise for its uniqueness in its time. While this praise was very high and the poem gave him fame he ceased to believe his worthiness. Around this time he was interviewed about his life and provided false information. This false information included a fake age and background. Edgar moved to Philadelphia in 1838. He continued to write classic pieces of detective literature like the raven in 1845, but his soon found happiness with his wife and his job as a literary critic came to end when his young wife died at the age of 24, this struck poe with griff and anger. This was going to be their 11th year of marriage but it was cut short because of her. Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe died of tuberculosis. Her death caused poe to struggle with his already bad depression and chronic alcoholism. With this he moved back to lowell, massachusetts and settled into his new life.

His poems became more and more obsessed with his wife and her death. They also became more obscure like Lines on Ale and For Annie. He fell in love with Nancy L. Richmound, a married women. In 1849, he finally confessed his feelings for in a poem called For Annie

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