Drawings Of Future Possibilities By Leonardo Da Vinci

July 16, 2021 by Essay Writer

Drawings are a vital part of an engineers job as they allow for the communication of ideas between engineers or even other individuals. Engineering drawings have allowed for people to visualize potential ideas and also how to improve upon them by showing them to others. These engineering drawings have allowed or people to even think through drawing as it allows for new ideas or concepts to come from older ones. This allows for drawing to give feelings to others and make them think about them more. This is not just shown through engineering drawings, but also with paintings or works of art done by artists as they allow for people understand or feel through different ways. Examples such as “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat which give off a calm and relaxed mood through how the painting is shown or painting like “A Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh which shows people the beauty of the night by representing it through the starts and the sky of the painting. Through the use of drawings and paintings, we are able to see things in a new light whether it be good or bad.

One person who was able to capture this concept perfectly was the famous inventor, engineer and artist Leonardo da Vinci. One of the most well known and most famous people today from the time of the Renaissance, Leonardo was ahead of his time with his amazing ideas and concepts such as the idea of flight which no one had thought of during that point in history. While Leonardo was known for his amazing intellect, he was also known for one other thing, the creation of the Mona Lisa, the most beautiful and priceless piece of art ever created. To this day, many consider this to be Leonardo’s greatest achievement due to it being so amazingly painted. With him creating the Mona Lisa, we were able to see even more of Leonardo’s amazing intelligence and how it has greatly contributed to some of technology developed in the past decades. With Leonardo being able to create such an amazing painting, this also showed his talent in creating engineering drawings and sketches.

Leonardo da Vinci has greatly impacted the world with his drawings of future possibilities. Leonardo’s engineering drawings have allowed for some people o take inspiration from his ideas such as Leonardo’s concept for a flying machine. When Leonardo was a child, he was fascinated by birds and how they could fly like any other kid and this caused a spark of interest in him in order to make the first machine which would allow him to fly. Although he had later determined that it was impossible with the technology he had at his disposal. Due to his, Leonardo made sketches of different designs for different flying machines such as a machine that had bird like cloth wings or a primitive helicopter design with a screw on the top to help it slowly descend. Although these were just concepts at the time, these ideas were so detailed and complex that it would allow for the wright brother to create the first machine that is able to fly. His drawing of flight have gone even further as it also allowed for different designs of machines to be made such as the primitive helicopter design with the spiral on top would later help to achieve the making of an actual helicopter with replacing the spiral top with fans that would spin at high speeds or the winged design would help to make a proper airplane. With these designs of possible solutions or ideas for the concept of flight, Leonardo was able to pass down his dream on cracking the code for allowing people to fly across the skies like how he saw the birds when he was younger. Because of his artistic skills as a painter, he was able to make such amazing an complex drawing that no one during that time would be able to make and allow them to represent or allow others to understand ideas or ways of thinking through these drawings.

Leonardo did not stop there with his ideas, but even started to think further or idea that people would think were fantasies. One of these ideas was the concept of a moving suit of armor. With this concept. Leonardo had thought of a something that would be considered crazy to anyone else during the time, however was something that was accomplished. With drawing of pulleys and gears in one of his journals, Leonardo had the concept of making a robot that would move according to how a pulley was pulled or how a gear was turned and would follow corresponding movement of those simple actions. This could be considered a renaissance robot as it was able to do simple things that normal robots can do such as move their hands and sit down, this could be considered a technological breakthrough as this was something amazing for the time of the renaissance. While Leonardo’s robot has not survived since that time, engineers have recreated the robot through journals left behind by Leonardo composing of his various of drawings of the human anatomy and the robots design and how it functioned. With this information, the robot was made and has been able to function just like what the original was intended to do. From this we can see how in depth Leonardo made his engineering design concepts for today’s society to be able to make Leonardo’s inventions today.

Due to Leonardo making such in depth and detailed engineering drawings, this starts to set a standard for all engineers on how well and informed their drawings should be. We see this because of how many different methods and ways there are to making design drawings. Examples such as different line like visible, hidden and center which help to show different parts of a idea with showing parts that are normally hidden from sight. Other examples like the use of three dimensional and two dimensional views which put into perspective on how the finished product should look like and what the overall shape of the product is. While both do provide the same purpose of showing the shape of the object, each provides more than that. Three dimensional views allow for engineers to visualize objects easier and help to show how to object is intended to look like and this is also shown in Leonardo’s journals with him showing how his flying machine and military inventions would look like, two dimensional views help to provide the dimensions and help to show details on specific sides of the objects. While there are many different two dimensional views, they all help to provide the same concept of showing the details and can even be seen in Leonardo’s journal with things such as gears and pulley systems. L

eonardo’s drawing have been able to set a standard or methods of drawing and this shows how he has impacted the engineering society more than just showing his inventions, but rather showing how to draw or design their own inventions. Leonardo’s drawings have made a huge impact upon the engineering society due to his amazing artistic abilities as shown through famous paintings such as the “Mona Lisa” or “The Last Supper”. His amazing artistic abilities have allowed for engineers to understand his great mind of how he has built many technological marvels like his flying machine which can be considered the first ideological attempt at flight and Leonardo’s robot which is ahead of its time. These amazing inventions have all been shown through Leonardo’s journals which consist of many drawing for many other great inventions. His drawing have even allowed for many great inventions to be explored, but also allowed for today’s society to set a method with today’s drawing methods.

Leonardo has greatly impacted the world, whether it be during his time in the renaissance or during today’s modern age. With his great artistic abilities, we can say that Leonardo was an amazing engineer or even the greatest engineer that the world knows about. This can first be proven through his ability to be able to make amazing painting which help to provide understanding or feelings. This can be shown through his most famous paintings, the “Mona Lisa” and the “The Last Supper”. The “Mona Lisa” helps to show a meaning or understanding of beauty as it is regarded as the most beautiful painting in today’s age and potentially for many more centuries to come. “The Last Supper” provided more of a religious feelings for christians specifically because of how he related to jesus before his crucifixion. Both these painting show not only Leonardo’s artistic ability, but also his way of sharing ideas. This is further shown in his journals with drawings of inventions like his idea of a flying machine or his robot. These drawing allow for the understanding of his ideas and provide the ability to actually be made years later due to the amount of detail in his drawings.

Not only do his drawings help to share ideas or on how to build his inventions, but they have also helped to set a standard on how to make these drawings and what methods to use. These drawing have allowed for many great and impactful changes to engineering as it allows for us to not only understand from Leonardo da Vinci, but be able to learn from him and adapt his methods. This helps to show how great of an engineer and further proves why he should be regarded as not only the most famous engineer, but one of the world’s greatest engineers.

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