Dracula By Bram Stoker: Chapter 1-5 Plot Summary

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

Chapter 1

It tells us that the book is a dairy from Jonathan Harker who is writing it during his trip from Munich to Hungary. He was traveling to the castle of count from Transilvania known as Count Dracula with the intention of buying a property from him. During this chapter Jonathan mainly focus on how his trip had been so far, until he arrives to Bistritz which is a little town in rumano. Then he got a letter from Count Dracula in which the count indicated him how to get to the castle and were to take the carriage. But a woman warned him that is was saint George’s day in witch all the evils go loose, so she gift him a crucifix. When he is left if town a bunch of people arrived screaming vampire. But he started to get the filling that the carriage had already go thru the same part of the road. Finally he arrived to the castle.

Chapter 2

Jonathan was amazed by the cartel he had arrived. He remembers some situations as a dream like the fact that he noticed something strange about the carriage driver. After waiting a time at the castle doors he got to meet Count Dracula, he notice he had cold as death hands, sharp teeths, and pointy ears. Then they had dinner and had a talk.

The next day Dracula wasn’t to be found, Jonathan explores part of the castle he was surprised by all the thing that where there and the fact that there wasn’t any mirrors to be found. Later that night he and Dracula meet again and had a conversation útil the sun was going to raise but in that moment the count went away. This started to waried Jonathan even more. The next day he accidentally cut himself and the count acted very strange by going very close to his neck. Later when the count went away he tried to investigate a little more on the castle but everything was close, that was when he realized he was being kept prisoner.

Chapter 3

After realizing he was being kept as a prisoner Jonathan decided to investigate more of the castle and he also notice that in all the castle no one else lived or worked. Then he had another conversation with Dracula in which the count told him about his ancestors and the battles they had with the Turkish invaders, he told them as if he was there. Later that night he saw Dracula exit the castle thru the window and crawl the exterior this had him very scared. Later the next day when Dracula lived the castle he started to explored it útil he got to a room but he was very tired so he passed away. When he wakes up there was 3 ladies they were trying to seduce him but when one of them was going to bite his neck Dracula came back and took them off from him, Dracula gave them a bag with a person inside.

Chapter 4

Jonathan wakes up confused and thinking everything was a dream. Dracula told him to send letters to his family and friends telling them he was going to go back home. Then a group of people goes to the castle which Jonathan sees as an opportunity to run away, so he gave one letter to one of the people. Then Dracula aparece with the letter suing he betrayed his hospitality and burned the letter. After a time harker continues being a prisoner. Then a lady comes to Dracula asking for something, but a bunch of wolves ate her. Then he tried to get to Dracula’s room by climbing but there was no one to be found. He tried to run away.

Chapter 5

This chapter focus on a bunch of letters and notes from the dairy. It realize on the conversation of mina (Jonathan’s wife) and his friend Lucy. Mina mainly expressed joy by the fact she thought her husband was on her way back. On the other side Lucy expressed the love she felt for Arthur Hollywood, this had made her ti rejected many marriage offers.


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